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Energy Efficiency: Electric utilities can save millions by subsidising
Concept Energy efficiency is a concept advocated by environmental groups all over the world to reduce energy consumption and save non-renewable energy sources. ... motors and processes in factories and other work places (energy auditing). Strategy However, instead of subsidising energy conservation and efficiency, the Government and Board are now ...

Salient Features of Renewable Energy Policy of Kerala, India.
Renewable Energy Policy of Kerala, India. Salient Features of Renewable Energy Policy of Kerala, India. The Agency for Non-convetional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) shall be the nodal agency for coordinating all activities relating to renewable energy development. All producers producing grid-grade electricity shall be "eligible producers under the policyâ ... More from this site

David Suzuki Foundation: Climate Change: Energy
Clean, sustainable energy does more than just reduce the risk of climate change. It brings jobs, investment income and a competitive edge. Conservation and Efficiency: Learn how energy conservation and efficiency save consumers money while cutting smog and air pollution at the ...

Climate Change - Energy: Renewables
Wind and solar are the fastest growing source of energy in the world. These low-polluting energy industries are also creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs in ... and marine sources). If the right policies are implemented, Canada can use renewable energy to satisfy our energy needs and become a world leader in sustainable technologies. Wind Solar Hydropower Biomass Geothermal ... More from this site

Energy | Program at a Glance | Florida DEP
Florida Energy Office coordinates all federal energy programs delegated to the state, including energy supply, demand, conservation and allocation. The Office, helps shape “Florida’s Energy Future,” focusing on advanced clean energy sources, energy ...

Biofuel | Energy Office | Florida DEP
Renewable biomass energy creates an additional use in farm, forestry and other industries, which reduces ... energy and the use of alternative fuels. top Energy Crop Tree Farm In a unique public-private research partnership, the Common Purpose Institute, University of Florida, energy companies and the Florida Energy ... More from this site

Energy Agency Energy Tax Incentives Assistance Project State Renewable Energy Incentives Database U.S. Department of Energy ACEEE National Petrochemical & Refiners Association (NPRA) National Commission on Energy Policy Midwest Natural Gas Initiative Energy Future Coalition Energy ...

Energy (130 Links) Solar Energy (109 Links) Solar Photovoltaic Energy (194 Links) Wind Energy (247 Links) Geothermal Energy (110 Links) Hydrogen (115 Links) Fuel Cells (117 Links) Biomass Energy (144 Links) Ocean Energy (89 Links) Hydroelectric Energy ...

EcoIQ: Energy Articles & Anthologies
Energy (10 Articles) Solar Photovoltaic Energy (28 Articles) Wind Energy (29 Articles) Geothermal Energy (15 Articles) Hydrogen (30 Articles) Fuel Cells (21 Articles) Biomass Energy (26 Articles) Ocean Energy (23 Articles) Hydroelectric Energy ... More from this site

Energy Efficient Homes: Energy Efficient Products, Building and Shelters
EARTH SHELTER HOMES Energy Efficient Homes & Offices ENERGY MATTERS Australian Suppliers of Renewable Energy Equipment. Free Online Tools for Determining Your Renewable Energy Requirements. ENVIROLET COMPOSTING TOILETS ... Full Spectrum and Other Energy-Efficient Lighting EPA HOME ENERGY SAVER The Average Household Can Trim Its Energy Bill By $500 FROGKREEK Save Energy Costs. Solar and Rechargeable ...

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