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Going with the Wind: Wind Energy Potentials
An energy policy for a sustainable future will need to be based on high levels of energy efficiency and greater use of renewable energy. Wind energy is not new - water ... emissions. The wind energy industry has set a goal for 40,000 megawatts of wind energy capacity by the year 2010. Wind energy is emerging as a cornerstone of the new energy system. Denmark gets ...

Department of Energy - Hydrogen
Energy plans to pursue to support America's shift to a hydrogen-based transportation energy system. A positive decision will ... energy-efficient choices such as purchasing gasoline hybrid electric vehicles. The Energy Hydrogen Program includes participation from the Offices of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EE), Fossil Energy (FE), Nuclear Energy ...

Articles Category: Energy Efficient Homes & Solar Panels - Energy Efficient Homes-Energy Efficient Home, Energy Efficient Home Articles,Global Warming
Solar panels can be... By: Ross MacIver energy efficient homes & solar panels - "Solar Heating Panels Explained" By : Bryan Wong Investing in a solar energy system for water heating can really make a difference in your monthly bill. You can save up to 75%. By: Bryan Wong Energy Efficient Homes Team Email ...

Feasibility of EU renewable energy targets -
If the targets (for green electricity, but also for biofuels) are fully met, still only 10% of the European total primary energy will be renewable. Our energy system will continue to be dominated by fossil fuels, at least for the foreseeable future. The hope is that the increasing shares of renewable energy, ...

UK Continues Energy Efforts into the Ocean -
Professor Nick Jenkins, Director of the Center. Proposals are invited that address any aspect of technical energy ... More from this site

Saskatchewan Environmental Society — Energy
Saskatchewan. Identifies the nature of the resources, technologies and opportunities available, barriers to their adoption, and practical steps towards a transition to a sustainble energy system. Click here to download the document in PDF Energy conservation projects Destination Conservation Saskatchewan — This ...

Energy and You | Clean Energy | US EPA
Reduced emissions of air pollution and greenhouse gases Lower consumer energy bills Enhanced state and local economic development and job creation Improved reliability and security of our nation’s energy system Today, more than ever, consumers have the ability and the interest to choose clean energy, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and ...

Commitments | Clean Energy | US EPA
Energy Efficiency Accomplishments and Next Steps (PDF) (80 pp., 495K, About PDF) The current U.S. energy system faces a set of serious challenges. Energy demand continues to grow despite historically high energy prices and mounting concerns over system reliability, energy security ... More from this site

Fresh Energy - Leading the Transition to Clean Energy
Energy - Leading the Transition to Clean Energy GET INFORMED Fresh Energy is partnering with 1Sky—learn more about this exciting national campaign. Members of ... . Fresh Energy is leading the transition to a clean energy system by harnessing research, advocacy and community engagement. Our focus: Clean Electricity Energy Efficiency Transportation Policy Global Warming Solutions Energy Justice ...

About - Fresh Energy
Energy Justice Where Your Money Goes Board Staff Core Values Fresh Energy is a nonprofit organization leading the transition to a clean, efficient and fair energy system. Today’s Fresh Energy Fresh Energy works to enhance our economy, protect human health and communities, restore our environment and establish energy independence. ... More from this site

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