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The facility previously converted enriched uranium hexafluoride gas (UFG) into fuel for nuclear reactors. The project included: Removal of all equipment ...

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In the production of electricity using nuclear fission the plants use ceramic-like pellets of enriched uranium. These pellets are just larger than a standard pencil eraser. These are stacked one on ... and when a critical mass is in place under go fission where atoms of a uranium isotope U-235 split apart releasing energy, which in the form of heat boils water ...

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The three plants enriched uranium for DOE's nuclear arsenal and nuclear reactors. DOE closed K-25 in 1985. All ... workers at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant were exposed unwittingly for decades to plutonium-tainted uranium and other dangerous materials that could cause serious illnesses. "The federal government owes both ... More from this site

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The facility previously converted enriched uranium hexafluoride gas (UFG) into fuel for nuclear reactors. The project included: Removal of all equipment ...

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Center Nuclear security equipment at U.S. borders and ports fails to reliably detect highly enriched uranium entering the country say NRDC scientists in an April 2008 Scientific American article. New ... latest issue > Related NRDC Press Releases 3/25/2008 Radiation Monitors Cannot Reliably Detect Highly Enriched Uranium at U.S. Ports and Border Crossings 2/13/2008 New Report Recommends Unilateral ...

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Americans. The Nuclear Control Institute - A group concerned with the proliferation of plutonium and enriched uranium. The Stimson Center - Five projects at this prestigious research institute provide a vast collection of ... More from this site

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When atoms of uranium fuel are hit by neutrons they fission (split), releasing heat and more neutrons. Under controlled conditions, these other neutrons can strike more uranium atoms, splitting ...

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Therefore, before natural uranium is used in uranium fuel ... uranium into two products, enriched uranium with a higher percentage of uranium 235 than natural uranium and depleted uranium (also known as "tails"), with a lower percentage of uranium 235 than natural uranium ...

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Uranium Enrichment Project Newsletter Search: Uranium Enrichment Newsletter The Uranium Enrichment Newsletter, an electronic monthly, summarized events in the US uranium enrichment establishment from December 1999 ... for harmed workers and residents, the US-Russian High Enriched Uranium Agreement, and disposal of depleted uranium and contaminated scrap metal. 1999 DECEMBER 2000 JANUARY FEBRUARY ... More from this site

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Australia ’s uranium resources, streamlining the uranium mining regulatory regime and promoting uranium as ‘safe, secure and efficient’ “The ... world, based on enriched uranium proposals from industry and governments that Australia becomes the destination for high level radioactive waste from overseas cleaning up old uranium mines operated by ...

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