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Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Whale Rescue | Introduction
The floats add buoyancy and drag to the animal, making it difficult for ... Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act. Team towed by a right whale as entangling lines were removed The narrative accounts and images depicted at this site are intended for educational ...

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Whale Rescue | Frequently Asked Questions
North Atlantic have encountered entangling ropes in the ocean, as determined through photographic studies of their scars. This number, which ... individual, using scars or the shape of the dorsal fin is helpful in this instance (entangling lines may not be easy to see or even invisible from above the waterline). Through educational ... More from this site

Right Whales and Fishing Gear
Young right whales are particularly at risk because of their fast rate of growth; lines can become embedded quickly, leading to constriction and infection. Other large whales such as ... the eastern seaboard. (photo: Center for Coastal Studies) Team towed by a right whale as entangling lines were removed Right whales are particularly vulnerable to entanglement in fixed gear because they are ...

Threats to Marine Turtles - Office of Protected Resources - NOAA Fisheries
Threats in the Marine Environment Turtles can become entangled in gillnets, pound nets, and the lines associated with longline and trap/pot fishing gear. Turtles entangled in these types of fishing ... drown and often suffer serious injuries to their flippers from constriction by the lines or ropes. In addition to entangling turtles, longline gear can also hook turtles in the jaw, esophagus, or ...

leatherback turtle
Harlech, North Wales in the UK in 1988. It had drowned after entangling in fishing gear and it measured 2.91m in length and weighed 916 kg! What ... . At sea leatherbacks seem to be particularly vulnerable to entanglement in fishing gear, especially long lines and gill nets. If you want to find out more about leatherback turtles and how ...

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