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Marine Mammal Consulting Group, Inc
Click here for more.. Research MMCG provides scientific support and marine equipment for offshore research projects involving marine mammals, sea birds, fish and invertebrates, physical oceanography, and ...

MMCG Projects and Experience
Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Assessment for disposition of Chevron 4H platforms shell mounds, Carpinteria, California; • Marine mammal mitigation and planning, Nuevo Energy’s pipeline repairs at Platform Irene, Pt. Arguello, California; • Marine mammal mitigation planning and ... More from this site

Environmental Management and Disaster Reduction
GDRC Research Output Introduction to Environment and Disasters Cyclical Interlinkages of disasters and the Environment The Indian Ocean Tsunami and its Environmental ...

Planning and Conservation League - CEQA
Planning and Conservation League - CEQA California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) The California Environmental Quality Act, known as CEQA, requires that the environmental impacts of proposed development projects be rigorously evaluated, and that feasible mitigation ...

Are these responsibilities appropriate? Is it practical to have parallel decisions on land use planning and pollution control? f. Has a satisfactory integration of transport planning and land use planning ...

Environmental Planning Study
Next, Roger Levett (CAG Consultants) gave a presentation on a study conducted at the behest of the Commission on "Environmental Planning, People's Values and ... More from this site

Environmental Review and Permitting
Environmental Review & Permitting California Endangered Species Act Permitting California Environmental Quality Act Review Lake & Streambed Alteration Program Timberland Conservation Program Conservation Planning Natural Community Conservation Planning Conservation & Mitigation ...

Conservation and Mitigation Banking
Planning Mitigation Banking Policies Procedures Publications 2007 Report to the Legislature on wetland mitigation banking in California Department of Fish and Game Contacts Conservation and Mitigation Banks in California Approved by DFG U.S. Fish and ... More from this site

Island Resources Foundation: Environmental Planning, Sustainable Development and Impact Assessment
Environmental Planning, Sustainable Development and Impact Assessment About Us How to Help IRF's Island-Focused Mission Environmental Policy & Law Environmental Planning Resource Protection Institutional Development IRF's Blog and Comment Home Island-Focused Mission: Environmental Planning, Sustainable Development and ...

Environmental Health and Safety: Policy Statement
Environmental Health and Safety Policy Statement Mission John Zink Company and its employees will fully integrate Environmental Health and Safety excellence into business and operations planning and decision making to achieve superior health and ...

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