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Great Lakes environmental issues- articles Jan-May 2002
Pennsylvania Seeks Action on Interstate Waste (PA) 3/20 - Dow to cleanse St. Clair River (MI) 3/19 - Keep Your Trash (MI ... control (WI) 1/28 - Hydro privatization policy reversed (ON) 1/28 - EPA wants owners to register storm drainage wells 1/28 - A National Strategy to Restore Estuarine Habitat 1/28 - EPA plans watershed protection program 1/28 - The need for national water ...

"Short List" Part 111 Hazardous Waste Management Rules November 5, 2006 WIMS launches Massachusetts v. EPA Supreme Court Special Report November 2, 2006 WIMS launches Duke Energy Supreme Court Special Report ... January 16, 2003 MDEQ is proceeding to withdraw Part 201 Guidelines December 8, 2002 Posted Dow Chemical Company Midland Area Dioxin Issue Special Report November 25, 2002 Posted New Source ...

Special Reports
The Canadian Waste Import Issue (click here) Dow Chemical Company Midland Area Dioxin Issue (click here) Special Report Water Management In ... Duke Energy Supreme Court & Related Activities (click here) Massachusetts v. EPA Supreme Court & Related Activities Massachusetts v. EPA Supreme Court & Related Activities (click here) Michigan Environmental Legislation ... More from this site

EcoIQ Magazine On Sustainability
Developing Naturally: Enhancing Communities (Spring 2000) Empowering People & Creating Communities (Spring 2000) Dow Jones To Rank Business Sustainability (Winter 2000) Be Part Of Greenprints 2000 ... ) Greening The Entrepreneurial Spirit (Fall 2000) Transportation & Community Grants Available (Fall 2000) EPA Planning Innovative Community Grants (Summer 2000) SF Bay Area "Transportation for Livable ...

Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances | US EPA
Genetically Engineered (GE) Corn "Event 32" - EPA and two other Federal agencies are coordinating efforts following notification by Dow AgroSciences that the company detected ... and Management Program (ChAMP) Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program Resources Common Questions EPA Staff Directory Hotlines Dockets Poison Control Libraries Publications - Pesticides Publications - Toxics Glossary ...

Tittabawassee River / Saginaw River / Saginaw Bay Cleanup | Region 5 Cleanup Sites | US EPA
Jan. 23, 2008 EPA terminates negotiations with Dow Chemical on river cleanups Jan. 4, 2008 EPA, Dow chemical continue to negotiate river cleanups Dec. 21, 2007 EPA: Dow to clean up dioxin hot ... River watershed Sept. 11, 2007 EPA issues demand for Midland dioxin sampling data Aug. 31, 2007 EPA, Dow reach agreement for dioxin cleanup Jul. 13, 2007 EPA: Dow Chemical must clean up Tittabawassee ... More from this site

National Research Council -- Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards
EPA's Standards EPA Standards Homepage History NRC Review (2006) EPA Files National ... EPA scientists and professionals. Current controversy over EPA's standard has been fueled, in part, by EPA's use of the standard in a recent decision to grant DOW AgroSciences approval to spray a new fluoride fumigant on a wide series of foods prepared in the US. Thus, in addition to the implications for EPA ...

GRRN: DOW Press Release 09-24-01
California, Dow AgroSciences asked U.S. EPA to absolve Dow of responsibility by simply adding a warning to product labels cautioning commercial ... to public comment, according to EPA. Dow also asked EPA to delete application of the product on “residential turf” as an approved use. On August 28th, EPA published public notice of the proposed ...

EPA accused of bowing to Dow
Now Donate Now September 26, 2002 EPA accused of bowing to Dow Last modified: January 19, 2005 Dow Home | 'End Landfilling' home | back Karen ... an emergency ban on the weed killer. On July 26, Dow AgroSciences asked EPA to banish the weed killer from the shelves of ... of the potent chemical far outweigh residential uses. Dow's request to EPA wouldn't prevent professional lawn care companies from ... More from this site

July - December 2007 Articles
Rattray Marsh can be restored: consultant 11/15 - EPA: Dow to clean up dioxin hot spot in the Saginaw River 11/ ... may hit record-low water level in fall, report says 08/13 - EPA boss, Walsh: Lake cleanup 08/03 - Recreational harbor dredging likely ... Clair funds expected to get House approval 07/31 - Michigan Senators write EPA about BP facility 07/20 - Surge predicted in water demand 07/ ...

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