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Air Chek - EPA Radon publications available on the web regarding radon testing, radon and health concerns, radon and cancer, radon mitigation
EPA Radon publications available on the web regarding radon testing, radon and health concerns, radon and cancer, radon mitigation National radon levels HOME RADON FACTS Radon Fact Sheet Cancer and Radon Radon FAQ Radon & Granite EPA Slide Show You Found Radon ...

Radon Mitigation Services
EPA Radon testing company.IAQ and indoor air quality radon risk testing.Radon reduction. Links to the US EPA radon home page and Florida DOH radon home page.Consultant for large radon ...

National Radon Safety Board
Accepting NRSB Exam STATE: Radon offices. REGIONAL: EPA regional offices. PUBLICATIONS: EPA radon publications online. EPA: Radon Program Home Page. Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc: For information about participation in the NRSB and for certification applications please contact: National Radon ...

Air Chek - The Radon Information Center
Radon levels in your area EPA Radon Slideshows Cancer and Radon Radon Mitigation Our Radon FAQ Radon in the News Test method for granite countertops - YouTube Video Granite Countertops: A Source of Radon? - The Radon Information Center Radon ...

Video Contest | Radon | Indoor Air | Air | US EPA
Complete the Entry Form Contest Rules Video Gallery Radon 101 Getting Started - Basic Information Follow these four easy steps to enter the EPA Radon Video Contest: Step 1: Get the Details Videos ... . To see examples of existing EPA radon public service announcements, visit If you have any questions concerning this contest, contact Jeremy Ames at (202) 343-9615 ...

Regional Radiation Protection Programs | Radiation Protection Programs | US EPA
EPA is addressing radon in the Region by raising awareness and working with citizens to protect against exposure through EPA Radon Grant Projects. Region 1 ... about radiation and radiation protection issues such as radon providing Regional contacts for general radiation and radon protection assistance EPA's Radon Grant Program that assists states in developing projects ... More from this site

Bad radon installations: some examples provided by Protech Environmental, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Radon Systems Poorly Designed Systems Every system shown here (i.e. the vertical pipe ending partway up the wall) violates one or more EPA radon ... . a "lifetime" guarantee to keep radon at less than 50% of the EPA guideline). Promises are easy ... radon protection. (That's an ice spike at the exhaust.) Solution? EPA should permit ground level exhaust in cold climates. 20 years assisting clients with radon ...

Radon testing following mitigation by Protech Environmental, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Beyond the experience factor, here are some specific reasons why our procedure is clearly correct: EPA Radon Mitigation Standard #17.4 requires a contractor to recommend a third party or mail- ... closing or to satisfy a relocation company. Unlike many contractors, we are actually EPA/NEHA-certified for radon testing, and also have the specific certification that allows using electronic monitors. ... More from this site

Where Do We Want To Be? - How To Get Started |Green Communities | US EPA
Started |Green Communities | US EPA Jump to main content. Green Communities Contact Us Search: All EPA This Area You are here: EPA Home Green Communities Where ... ? Human Health How can we reduce our exposure to lead and radon? What can we do to reduce air pollution in our neighborhoods? ... There? Step 5: Let's Go! Grants/Funding Glossary Site Map EPA Home Privacy and Security Notice Contact Us Jump ...

Let's Go! - Tools |Green Communities | US EPA
Refer to U.S. State & Local Gateway for easy access to federal information. EPA has gathered together examples of model local ordinances that can help protect local resources ... Conservation Action Plan Energy Conservation Alternative Fuels Alternative Energy Strategies Environmental Health Action Plan Radon Lead Air Quality Indoor Air Quality Household Toxics Ozone General Environmental Health and ... More from this site

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