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NEA, The JEFF project
(Nuclear science databases) Project overview The Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion (JEFF) project is a collaboration between the countries participating in the NEA Data Bank ... Fission Product data Fusion relevant data The JEFF project is a collaboration with the European Fusion File (EFF) and European Activation File (EAF) projects (funded by the EC Fusion Programme). The ...

Focus on Fusion
Fusion Power (SEAFP) team in 1992. The main participants in SEAFP were the NET (Next Experimental Torus) team, the UKAEA, other European fusion laboratories, and a grouping of major European industrial companies. The work embraced the conceptual design of fusion power stations and the safety and ...

Links to Fusion Sites
Wendelstein 7X CIEMAT UKAEA Fusion at Culham (these pages!) European Fusion Development Agreement - Joint European Torus (EFDA-JET) The European Commission, DG-Research Fusion pages. Imperial College, ... University,Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics York University, Magnetic Confinement Fusion Research Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics(IPP), Garching, Germany. European Fusion Development ... More from this site - Nuclear fusion
Fusion Energy Science (US) EN DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Education Program (US) EN DOE Office of Inertial Fusion (US) EN EFDA - European Fusion Development Agreement (EU) EN EFET - European Fusion ...

Links om ITER og fusion
Domestic Agencies: EU - Fusion for Energy (F4E) Indien Japan Kina Rusland Sydkorea USA Øvrige ITER relevante links ITERs hjemmeside EIDI - European Industrial Database for ITER ... sider om fusionsenergi Risøs hjemmeside om fusionsforskning DR2's Viden Om - Fusionsenergi European Fusion Development Agreement - EFDA Europakommissionens sider om fusionsenergi Page updated by Søren Bang ...

Description of fusion energy research at Risø
European fusion program Most European countries participate as associate partners in the EU fusion program, which is managed and partly paid for by EURATOM. The biggest fusion ... More from this site

Papers - CO2 February 2003
Kouvaritakis Energy use, carbon dioxide emissions and transport in Europe Tokimatsu et al. Nuclear fusion and carbon dioxide emission targets Zhan et al. Estimating carbon dioxide fluxes over the ... and carbon dioxide sinks Kirschbaum Forests as carbon dioxide sinks and biofuel Nabuurs and Schelhaas European forests and their role as carbon sinks and bioenergy sources Gago et al. Carbon dioxide ...

1250-1050 BC -- An Example of an Historical Cycle
Released into the atmosphere from the Earth (a fusion by-product), huge lightning-filled storms would be generated. Homer's works called them " ... respects is very similar to contemporary pottery of Norway, which has a long evolutionary history." European funerary practices including barrow building may be reflected in use of burial mounds in the ...

DOE Office of Science - Fusion Energy Sciences Major Facilities
Fusion Energy Sciences Major Facilities OFFICE OF SCIENCE - FUSION ENERGY SCIENCES PROGRAM What is Fusion? ITER Major Facilities Advisory Committee (FESAC) Calendar Fusion ... fusion power plants producing electricity and hydrogen. An unprecedented international collaboration of scientists and engineers led to the design of this advanced physics experiment. Project partners are China, the European ...

DOE Office of Science - Fusion Energy Sciences Homepage
Fusion Energy Sciences Homepage OFFICE OF SCIENCE - FUSION ENERGY SCIENCES PROGRAM What is Fusion? ITER Major Facilities Advisory Committee (FESAC) Calendar Fusion Institutions Solicitations & Awards Program News ... Iwaya (Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan), José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission), Jacques Chirac (President of the French Republic), Xu Guanhua (Minister of ... More from this site

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