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Exposure Controls/Personal Protection Airborne Exposure Limits: - OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL): 1000 ppm (TWA) for ethyl alcohol 400 ppm (TWA) for isopropyl alcohol 200 ppm (TWA) for methyl alcohol - ACGIH Threshold Limit ... most recent edition, for details. Personal Respirators (NIOSH Approved): If the exposure limit is exceeded, wear a supplied air, full-facepiece respirator, airlined hood ...

Occupational health HFC-23
(ACGIH) : None established AEL * : 1000 ppm, 8 & 12 Hr.

Occupational health HFC-125
Faq Coming events Useful related links Occupational health HFC-125 HFC 125 (pentafluoroethane) An occupational exposure limit (8-hour time weighted average) of 1,000 ppm (4,910 mg/m³) is recommended ... More from this site

Celsius. Many water companies therefore set a maximum permitted discharge concentration at ...

Standards and Recommendations Electromagnetic Field Exposure
Recommendations Electromagnetic Field Exposure The EMF Safety Superstore EMF Exposure Standards & Guidelines The exposure limits in the following tables, gathered from various sources, were derived from well established, ... day. Whole-body exposure to magnetic fields up to 2 hours per day should not exceed 50 Gauss. Source: IRPA/INIRC 1990. ACGIH Occupational Threshold Limit Values for 60-Hz ...

NAIMA Publication on Exposure Data to Guide Insulation Contractors and Workers
HSPP, including providing information on exposure levels, is a natural extension of that commitment." Exposure levels that exceed the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) for an eight-hour workday will require action to reduce the exposures to an acceptable level, either through engineering controls or respiratory protection. Information for the "Exposure ...

Mercury Policy Project
Background on the controversy Letter ... 60 physicians nationwide. Letter calls for national policies to virtually eliminate mercury contamination and exposure, 12/98. Policy Opportunities Vermont Considers Action Against Dental Amalgam Resources EPA has developed ...

Mercury Policy Project
The extent of the neurological damage varies with the level of mercury exposure. This report demonstrates for the first time that mercury levels previously considered safe are damaging ... finding of decreased motor activity and relied on the Seychelles study to set a limit for mercury exposure three times higher than the level proposed by EPA. Since there is a controversy ... More from this site

AirQUIS: Exposure models
Number of people exposed above national AQ Limit value for benzene (annual) in 2001, calculated per km2 grid cell. AirQUIS models: Emission Models Wind Field Models Dispersion Models Nowcast and Forecast Models Exposure Models ...

New research on the health effects of lead exposure
May 2000 New Research On The Health Effects Of Lead Exposure: Millions More Children May Suffer From Lead Exposure Lead Exposure Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease About Us Contact Us egroups Library ... the recommended limit "is inadequate to protect children" and proposed a maximum threshold of at least half of the 10 microgram limit". Full story at: Lead exposure linked to ...

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