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NPWRC :: The Owls of North Dakota
The bird's facial disc, generally outlined by some change in feather pattern or color on the face, is also ...

The Raptor Foundation - Marsh Harrier
They fly with head pointing downwards, using both sight & sound to ... prey (this occasionally results in injury when they hit things in front of themselves). The facial disc is used to enhance the ability to hear the prey in long grass or rushes ...

The Raptor Foundation - Short-eared Owl
They also have a long wingspan relative to their body size. With their facial disc, long rounded wings and low flapping-gliding flying style, they a somewhat reminiscent of Marsh ... More from this site

Explore Birds of Prey
Owls and a few other birds of prey have a facial disc that captures sound and helps them detect the position of their prey. A few New ...

All owls have forward facing eyes, a facial disc that aids in detecting sounds, soft feathers that produce silent flight, and their outer toes ... More from this site

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Owl
You have to look carefully at the facial discs (for example, all barn owls have a heart-shaped facial disc), their feet, and whether or not they have ear tufts ... is because they have two huge holes in their skulls for their ears, along with facial discs that channel sound into the ear openings. They don’t look like our ears ...

The Hawk Conservancy Trust - An introduction to Owls
Bubo, which is Latin for owl. Features A relatively large head, facial disc and large eyes make owls unmistakable. They have soft feathers and, in most cases, this ...

Hawk and Owl Trust | Owls | Long-eared owl
It has a well defined rusty-buff facial disc and orange eyes. The upper parts are streaked grey with brownish-buff, making the bird ...

Hawk and Owl Trust | Owls | Short-eared owl
It is pale beneath with a boldly streaked chest. The yellowish facial disc with bright yellow eyes set in black patches gives this owl a cross expression. Length ... More from this site

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