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Farm Forestry
Activities and linkages Farm Forestry Fact Sheets: With member Private Forests Tasmania, the CRC produced a series of Farm Forestry ...

Farm Forestry Technical and Business Handbook Outline
What is happening (where farm forestry fits into the picture)(Arthur Lyons) 2. Making land use decisions involving farm forestry. (Peter Volker and Arthur Lyons) 3. Farm ... More from this site

Summary of report - Farm Forestry Area and Resources in Australia
The estimates of the farm forestry areas provide a snapshot of the development of farm forestry in Australia. The estimates of farm forestry ...

Summary of report - Agroforestry and Farm Forestry - Support systems to assess the viability of whole-farm and regional agroforestry enterprises
Australian Farm Forestry Financial Model that evaluates the financial returns and feasibility of forestry within the farm business the construction and evaluation of regional farm forestry ... More from this site

Innovations in forestry teaching and learning: Lessons from the Australian Master TreeGrower Program
Farm Forestry Program, the Department of Forestry has developed the Australian Master TreeGrower (MTG) Program. The MTG involves the presentation and coordination of a series of short regional outreach programs in agroforestry and farm forestry ... understanding of farm forestry is now: - 14% 86% My practical ability in farm forestry in now: 0.5% 34% 66% I can now give advice on farm forestry that is ...

School of Forestry Software - New Zeland School of Forestry - University of Canterbury - New Zealand
New Zealand School of Forestry New Zealand School of Forestry For Prospective Students Undergraduate Students Postgraduate Students Visitors & Community Business & Industry About School of Forestry Contacts People Courses ... decision-support prototype. Joint project sponsored by NZ Farm Forestry Assn. and funded by NZ Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. (Web-based program) Model for Pinus radiata ...

Nicholas John (Nick) Ledgard - People - New Zealand School of Forestry - University of Canterbury - New Zealand
(School of Forestry lecturer). Wilding spread Lodgepole ... I present the farm forestry course (28 lectures) for the Forestry School at Canterbury University, and am Secretary of the local branch of the NZ Farm Forestry Association. ... More from this site

Kenya Forestry Research Institute - KEFRI Strategic Plan 1999--2003
Farm Forestry, Natural Forests, Forest Plantations and Dryland Forestry. A third important recommendation was that KEFRI should focus ... Chairman, KEFRI Board of Management Table of Contents Acroynyms Kenya Forestry Research Institute Development and Challenges of Forestry Research in Kenya. Problem Identification and Priority Setting' ...

Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) - Strategic Plan 1999--2003 - Kenya Research Institute
Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) - Strategic Plan 1999--2003 - Kenya Forestry Research Institute Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) was established to undertake research and development in forestry ... forest and allied natural resources. Objectives To generate technologies for farm forestry, natural forests, drylands forestry and forest plantations. To strengthen research capacity. To ... More from this site

Social forestry
Farm forestry At present in almost all the countries where social forestry programmes have been taken up, both commercial and non commercial farm forestry ...

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