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barred owl
Great horned owls have large feather tufts on their heads and have large yellow eyes. Barred owls have dark eyes and no feather tufts. Barred owls have also made their home ...

great horned owl
Great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) No, they are not ears. The feather tufts on a great horned owl's head make it easy to identify. Also, great horned ... More from this site

During the winter months the white on the face and the tufts disappear, but the beak ...

During the winter months the white on the face and the tufts disappear, but the beak ... More from this site

Great Horned Owls in Kansas
North America. It is named for the obvious feather tufts on top of its head. These feather “horns” are not ears. The ears are hidden below, and slightly behind ...

Michigan United Conservation Clubs
It may be gray or reddish in color, stands nine inches tall and has small feather tufts on its head making it the smallest tufted owl in Michigan. Where They Live In ...

Michigan United Conservation Clubs
Horned Owl Bubo virginianus What They Look Like This very large owl has widely spaced feather tufts on its head, yellow eyes and a white throat and stands 22 inches tall. Where ... More from this site

Barn Owls
These long-legged owls have heart-shaped faces with small eyes, long beaks, and no feather tufts on their heads. The plumage of barn owls shows counter shading. The upper surface is ...

Typical Owls
Typical Owls These owls have large, round heads, round facial discs, short, stout beaks, and may have feather tufts on top of their heads. The plumage of these owls is cryptically barred and streaked with grays and browns, which allows owls to be camouflaged while they are perched. More from this site

Project Wildlife
Screech owls have feather tufts on their heads sometimes referred to as ear tufts or horns; however, they have absolutely nothing to do with hearing. It is believed that the feather tufts are signals to other owls, visual clues as to their whereabouts. The raising of the feather tufts also tends to break up their silhouettes in ...

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