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About Department of Environmental Protection | Florida DEP
Florida Water Management District, the Department is implementing the 30-year, $10.9 billion state-federal partnership to restore America's Everglades - the largest environmental restoration project in the history of the ...

Everglades Restoration | Florida DEP
Lakes or the Redwood Forests. Restoration Plans Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) - 50/50 state-federal partnership to implement a $10.9 billion restoration plan covering 16 counties over an 18,000 ... More from this site

Gunderboom, Inc. | In partnership with seventy percent of the Earth
Gunderboom, Inc. | In partnership with seventy percent of the Earth Gunderboom® MLES™ named Best Technology Available for meeting new ... Gunderboom MLES™ is the Best Technology Available (BTA) as that term is used in the federal Clean Water Act and applicable state regulations.” By filtering cooling water drawn into the ...

Gunderboom, Inc. | In partnership with seventy percent of the Earth
Gunderboom, Inc. | In partnership with seventy percent of the Earth Gunderboom® MLES™ Marine Life Exclusion System Provides Affordable compliance ... , the MLES™ preventing both impingement and entrainment of ichthyoplankton and juvenile aquatic life. State and federal agencies have deemed the MLES™ as the Best Technology Available under the Clean Water Act ... More from this site

Federal Facilities Discussion Group - index -
Federal Facilities Discussion Group - index - 2008 National Environmental Partnership Summit Federal Facilities Discussion Group Home : Workgroups : Federal Facilities Introduction This Networking Group was formed on April 9th ... What's New News: 09.10.02 New federal Site Forum: Listserve: Get Involved Subscribe to the federal listserver Join Our Workgroup National Pollution Prevention Roundtable . ...

Partnership | Methane to Markets Partnership | US EPA
Partnership Steering Committee chair and supports the ASG, which performs all of the Partnership administrative tasks (e.g., maintains Web site, sends member e-mails, coordinates meetings). Other federal agencies also play a central role in the Partnership. These include: ...

State-EPA Partnership | Polluted Runoff (Nonpoint Source Pollution) | US EPA
Partnership Events Calendar State-EPA NPS Partnership States and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have joined together to form a new State/EPA Nonpoint Source Partnership. The Partnership ... volunteers), organizing capital resources and fiscal management (obtaining private grants and federal funding), and using technical and specialized resources (using experts, developing innovative ... More from this site

National Association of Conservation Districts - Conservation Partnership
Partners and Affiliates Conservation Partnership NCF Auxiliary The Conservation Partnership For nearly 70 years, conservation districts have worked in partnership with state and federal agencies and private ... Councils (NARC&Ds) to provide national conservation leadership. The partnership among conservation districts, state and federal agencies and other groups was renewed in November 2007 ...

Green Seal: Green Partnership Programs
Partnership, click here. Since the mid-1990s, Green Seal's Institutional Greening programs have provided technical assistance to pioneering private and public organizations, including governments at the federal ...

MEEA Receives Federal Funding
MEEA Receives Federal Funding MEEA will receive $60,000 to support its work through Sept. '05 MEEA received two years of additional funding through the national Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP ...

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