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Cetacean Watch
Falklands geographic location between the rich feeding grounds of the Antarctic and the breeding grounds of the tropic’s, makes the Falkland Islands a key place to ...

News from the Falklands June 2000
(See diagram); identify the feeding grounds of the over-wintering seabirds; assess any interaction between the Gentoo penguin diet in ... between and away from the main stranding sites. Dominican gulls, Skuas and Turkey vultures were feeding off the carcasses aiding their decay. In the Falklands the most commonly recorded stranded ... More from this site

Bottlenose dolphin, humpback whale research summaries
Our Research: Past and Present Past groundbreaking studies of ... been conducted around all the main Hawaiian islands as well as in the whales’ summer feeding grounds of Alaska. Our findings have contributed significantly to the understanding of the biology and ...

The Dolphin Institute - Whale Research
Alaskan Humpbacks Humpback whale lunge-feeding in Alaskan waters. Our early studies in the summer feeding grounds of humpback whales in ... More from this site

Ocean Alliance -
The whales were passing Bermuda as they migrated between Caribbean breeding grounds and feeding grounds much further to the north — singing as they went. " Read the open letter from ...

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Humpback Whales | Introduction
The stores of fat, packed on at the rich feeding grounds in the North, can be used for wintertime activities (Mattila, 1994): pregnant females give birth ... whale song (long, complex vocalizations created only by male humpback whales, usually on the breeding grounds). Whale song is still poorly understood: how these behaviors are learned and what kind of ...

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | 2005 Humpback Sightings
March) on low latitude breeding grounds and the remainder of the year on high latitude feeding grounds. We begin to see animals returning to the Gulf of Maine feeding ground in March and continue ... More from this site

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IISG - Press Releases
There, food is abundant. But, Janssen has documented that tiny yellow perch larvae ... Lakes to oceans, where marine fish larvae frequently drift far from coral reefs and other feeding grounds. “Getting a good year class of perch for the west side of Lake Michigan may ...

Winter Feeding Program Suspended
Winter feeding grounds near Misfits Flat. No shortage of grass here. Feeding programs desensitize horses to humans and disrupt their natural ...

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