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Printed Matter -- Elizabeth Pincus; Linda Grant -- August 8, 1994
Other female sleuths jog regularly. A British character rows to stay in shape. Robbins described the growing number of female investigators as ``focused, alert, hard-working, determined ... cited ``A Woman's Place'' in particular as an example of a growing number of female sleuths who are finding their voices in stories that deal with the sexual and physical mistreatment ...

USGS National Wetlands Research Center: NWRC Weekly Highlights
Training USGS Scientist Interviewed for Special Iissue of The Wildlife Professional USGS Scientist Promotes Female Wetland Scientists USGS and DOT Release Report on Impacts of Climate Change on Transportation ... Are America's Wetlands Nutria Goes to Court July 2004 Gulf Guardian Award USGS Mapping Sleuths Robert Stewart was interviewed July 1 by Water Environment and Technology about Louisiana's ...