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Green Building Siding Materials - Fiber Cement Siding, Straw Bale Contruction, Wood Siding, Wood Composite Siding, Brick Exteriors
Fiber Cement SidingCSI Division: 074646 | Residential Category: Fiber Cement Siding A composite of cement and wood fiber textured to look like wood. It can be painted and is available pre-primed. What Makes It A Green Product Fiber-cement ...

Green Building Roofing Materials - Cement Fiber, Vegetated Roofing, Clay, Lead-Free Metal, Rubber Roofing, Certified Wood Roofing, Slate
Fiber Cement RoofingCSI Division: 073119 & 073223 | Residential Category: Fiber Cement Shingles & Fiber Cement Tiles These composites are made from wood fiber, fine aggregate and cement ... More from this site

Sensible Home Buying in Central Texas
But for a more modest budget or a different look, consider fiber-cement siding. It won't deteriorate even if you never paint it. Inside, a good example ...

Sourcebook: Engineered Sheet Materials
This product is available locally. Made from several continuous plies of wood fiber, rated for water resistance; white polyethylene coating on one side, aluminum radiant barrier on ... Most lumber retailers in the local area supply the full line of Hardie building products Fiber-cement exterior panel materials for siding, roofing, trim and and soffits in various textures. Local: ...

Engineered Siding - Sustainable Building Sourcebook
Some products have wood fibers mixed with cement to form extremely durable exterior (fiber-cement) materials. Fingerjointed material consists of using ... Fiber-cement materials can be worked with woodworking tools. Fiber-cement materials need an alkali resistant paint when painted. Some fiber-cement materials can be used unpainted if handled carefully to avoid scratching. Fiber-cement ... More from this site

Oikos Showcase: Iris Communications Headquarters, Bend, Oregon
Energy Star labeled products Natural daylighting Recycled Materials Plastic/wood roofing Plastic/wood decking Fiber-cement siding Fly-ash concrete mix Job site waste recycling Landscaping Soil amendment Native and low ...

Siding and Sheathing Options
Portland cement to create low-fuss, 50-year warrantied faux wood siding and roofing materials. Cement- ... fiber-cement siding, obtains its wood from Australia and New Zealand. Considering the energy-intensiveness of cement manufacture and the overseas transportation of wood fibers (not to mention their uncertified harvesting origins), fiber-cement ... More from this site

The Outlook, August 2006
This is dramatically different than the traditional stick built home of ...

Green Home Building: Article about 7 Ways to Build Green
(MDF), a wood product used for interior trim and doors, does not contain formaldehyde. Fiber-Cement siding, trim, and pipe materials (Hardie Board) are very durable, rot resistant, and fire retardant ...

Natural Building Colloquium
Long lasting tiles made with bamboo utilize a bamboo strip reinforced fiber-cement laminate where the bamboo strips are weaved into a web for additional ... 9 month old bamboo. Also tanks can be made by applying cement plaster to bamboo baskets. These can be used for toilets, water storage ... first layer of plaster is 1:3 cement to sand mix and the second layer is a 4:5 cement to sand mix. The plaster ...

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