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Species List
(Sponges) Clathria prolifera Red Beard Sponge Anthozoa (Anemones) Diadumene lineata orange-striped anemone Polychaeta (Worms) Ficopomatus enigmaticus Gastropoda (Snails) Busycotypus canaliculatus Channeled Whelk Ilyanassa obsoleta Eastern mudsnail Littorina saxatilis Rough periwinkle Myosotella ...

Exotics Guide
Contact Us Ficopomatus enigmaticus (Fauvel, 1923) Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Annelida Class: Polychaeta Subclass: Palpata Order: Canalipalpata Superorder: Sabellida Family: Serpulidae Ficopomatus enigmaticus builds and ... Aerial photograph of hundreds of Ficopomatus enigmaticus reefs in the Mar Chiquita Coastal Lagoon in Argentina. Alejandro Bortolus A Ficopomatus enigmaticus reef in the Mar Chiquita ... More from this site

Teaching files
News files dedicated to: green algae slipper limpet mollusc phytoplankton blooms Ficopomatus enigmaticus worm Diving into the deep sea Geosciences: hydrothermalism, ... Zaļango project: study of the continental shelf ...

Ficopomatus Green Tides Lagunes Mast 3/Intrmud Phyto. Bay of Biscay Phyto. Blooms The Rebent Network Phyto. Remote Sensing The Slipper Limpet Ficopomatus Questionnaire Ficopomatus enigmaticus Purposes For several years Ifremer's expert assessment has been requested about a worm called Ficopomatus enigmaticus ; this worm building ... More from this site

Sealife Survey Sightings
Arenicolides branchialis Pomatoceros lamarcki Pomatoceros indet. Neoamphitrite figulus Myxicola infundibulum Eulalia bilineata Eulalia viridis Ficopomatus enigmaticus Sabellaria alveolata Eupolymnia nebulosa Sabella pavonina Teredinidae indet. Arenicola defodiens Lepidonotus clava Aphrodita aculeata Spirorbis ...

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