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Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department
Sawfish in the News Sawfish Selected References Sawfish Informational Brochure - pdf file Sawfish Outreach Boat Ramp/Marina Sign - pdf file Most Commonly Asked Sawfish Questions Sawfish In Peril - PowerPoint file Biological Profiles Smalltooth sawfish Largetooth sawfish Knifetooth sawfish Dwarf sawfish Freshwater sawfish Green sawfish ...

Most Commonly Asked Questions - Sawfish
Sawfish Questions Sawfish In Peril - PowerPoint file Sawfish Informational Brochure - Acrobat file Sawfish Outreach Boat Ramp/Marina Sign - Acrobat file Sawfish In The News Sawfish References Sawfish Links Smalltooth Sawfish species profile Largetooth Sawfish species profile Green Sawfish species profile Freshwater Sawfish ... More from this site

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Opportunities Government Seeks More Efficient Energy Permitting Union Workers and Ponca Indians To File Clean Air Lawsuit Study Finds Yellowstone Carnivores Still Need Protection Cloned Pigs Are ... House Bill Lifts Highly Enriched Uranium Ban Conservationists Sue EPA Over Arizona Water Quality Sawfish Granted Endangered Species Act Protection Conservationists Seek Legal Remedy for Gray Wolf Scientists ...

sharks blog
Trade in sawfish banned(6/11/2007) Trade restrictions for the endangered sawfish have been approved at the Convention ... Species (CITES) meeting the The Hague. All seven species of sawfish has been added to Appendix I of the convention, banning ... figures released from the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File. The U.S. had 38 shark attacks, down from 40 in ...

Sharks in Australian waters - Marine Species Conservation
Environment home Shark species Freshwater shark Great white shark Grey nurse shark Sawfish Whale shark See also Conservation and action plan National Plan of Action (Shark-Plan) ... attacks, risk minimisation, statistics and maps, please see: the Australian Shark Attack File (ASAF) the International Shark Attack File (ISAF) Shark Links The Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and ...

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