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Compost making
For fast results, use a barrel to turn the compost. This technique aerates the compost and mixes the ingredients for greater carbon / nitogen contact. top Special Compost Legume compost can be made from clover or ...

Recycle now - Using Your Compost
To create mulch, use compost that is not quite finished ... finished compost to create your own potting mix for houseplants or to start new plants from seeds. About a third of the mix should be compost ...

Recycle now - Compost at School
Question Seasonal Tips celebrity Philippa Forrester Celebrity quotes education Compost at School Compost buddies news News Other Peoples' Experiences Compost at School Compost buddies WHERE TO RECYCLE Enter a full postcode... ... get to see the end result of their efforts -- their finished compost being used to beautify their school's grounds. Compost bins for schools Standard school offer ~ 2 x 330 ... More from this site

Compost, Resources for Home Composting
Learn how to make your own compost screen. PowerPoint presentation (~1MB) or web presentation on screening compost and managing a three-bin system. After you have some finished compost ...

FINISHED COMPOST Finished compost is dark brown, crumbly, and has an earthy odor. Depending upon seasonal temperatures, a well-built, well-tended pile generally yields finished compost in 2 weeks to 4 ... its side and roll it to mix the compost. The lid should be removed after turning to allow air penetration. This method yields finished compost in about 24 months. Another method is to ... More from this site

Set-up Compost Pile
Compost Pile Setting Up a Compost Pile. Your school can set up a compost pile. Here is what you will need. Compost Bin - Mansfield Middle ... the food waste from the cafeteria out to the compost pile, dump it into the compost bin and bury it under a leaf/wood ... - Pitchforks, gloves, a wheelbarrow, a bucket, and a screen (to sift finished compost from wood chips that haven't decomposed and plastic) are ...

Microbes in the Compost Pile
In compost, fungi are important because they break down tough debris, enabling bacteria to continue ... materials and stabilizing finished compost. They are constantly tunneling and feeding on dead plants and decaying insects during the daylight hours. Their tunneling aerates the compost and enables water, ... More from this site

Compost! Master Composter Home Composting
COMPOST PILES (index) Build a Compost Pile: Basics Build a Pile: Advanced More on Building a Pile Compost Ingredients Use Finished Compost Leon's Composting EQUIPMENT (index) Types of Manufactured Bins Build a Compost ...

How to Build a Compost Pile from Basic Steps to Advanced
Use Finished Compost - Once the compost is finished, this page will guide you in applying the compost to ornamentals, trees, ... Compost pumpkins (food waste) in a compost pile. Navigation BUILD A PILE Build a Compost Pile: Basics Build a Pile: Advanced More on Building a Pile Compost Ingredients Use Finished Compost ... More from this site

Compost is ready when it is dark and crumbly and has little odor. How to use compost Adding compost to soils ... the finished compost easily a circular unit made from chicken wire or fencing that can be opened up to collect the finished compost a ... compartments can be used to manage compost at different stages -- raw materials, active piles and finished product. Whatever type of bin you ...

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