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Status of Fisheries of the United States - 9/97
White Salmon. After a 50-year-long free ride, the dam owner still refuses to either install fish passage or remove the ... it. As surrounding states vie for the Colorado's waters, the needs of fish and other aquatic species are often ignored. 10. Tennessee River (TN, AL, MS, ... the TVA's mandate since 1933. NetPets® Main Page contact information NewsRoom The Fish ...

Chinook Salmon
Also, for weekly updates on the populations of these fish as they travel up Washington's waterways, check out the Fish Passage Center's page @

Defendants in Natural Resource Damages Case Agree to Restore Fish Pathways in Oyster Bay, New York
Massapequa Tidal Channel ... fish and wildlife and for the American people when fish passage to spawning habitat is restored,” stated U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Northeast Regional Director Moriarty. “Restoring the passage for the fish ...

Resources: Viewing - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Fish Restoration and Enhancement Board to meet in Hines 5-14-08 Controlled hunt deadline extended through Monday, May 19 5-14-08 ODFW Fish Passage Task Force ... in Salem Jan. 11 ODFW Home | News | Agency Information | ODFW Store | Public Records Policy | Fish Division | Wildlife Division | Habitat Programs Fishing Resources | Hunting Resources | Visitors Resources | Viewing Resources Driving ...

Endangered Fish Ranks Climb
Diversion Dam fish passage. This allows fish to move past the last major obstacle in 290 miles of Colorado River native fish habitat from Hite, Utah, on Lake Powell to Rifle. While fish recovery is ... reach of available habitat to have a positive impact on endangered fish populations. Researchers monitor those fish when they pass through the fish ladder at the Grand Valley Project Diversion Dam. “The ...

Partners for Fish and Wildlife
Selected projects meet both landowner and fish and wildlife needs. As of 2005, the Partners Program has worked with over ... fish passage barriers. The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program works with: Private Landowners Businesses and Corporations Non-Government Orgranizations and Non-Profits Tribes Schools Last Updated: June 19, 2008 U.S. Fish ...

2/4/2008~President's $2.2 Billion Budget Request for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2009 Supports Bird Conservation, Other Key Conservation Priorities
Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, $4.9 million for the Fish Passage Program and $5.2 million for the National Fish Habitat Action Plan. The request for the ... level, which also reflects the elimination of unrequested earmarks and costs savings, and decreases for fish passage improvements of $5.9 million. The Service?s land acquisition account has been decreasing over ... More from this site

Humble Alewives Gaining Biologists' Attention Monitoring Size Of Fish Population Should Help State Manage Resource
Suddenly it becomes clear that the sandy river bottom is actually hidden beneath several thousand fish swimming in synchronicity. Untold hundreds of thousands of alewives leave their saltwater habitat between mid ... of Maine closed the Woodland and Grand Falls dams on the St. Croix to upstream passage of alewives. Registered guides and local residents had pushed for the closure based on concerns ...

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