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NOAA Fisheries - National Marine Fisheries Service
Certain penalties may apply to vessels included on such lists; therefore, it is advisable to consult these lists before making commercial arrangements with listed vessels. Penalties may include restricted port access or unloading prohibitions. Some lists are intended to include only fishing vessels, some can include transport vessels as well. ...

Bush Reduces Dolphin Protection to Increase Tuna Harvest
Under the December 31 decision, the criteria have been changed so that tuna harvested in the Eastern Tropical Pacific by large purse seine vessels can be labeled ... of improvements to the program, including new requirements on the growing number of smaller tuna fishing vessels plying the region's waters. NMFS said it will continue to conduct about $3 million ...

Marine Debris
Mississippi's coast. The reports and navigation incidents in the last several ... navigation channels and port and harbors. Fishing areas have not been surveyed and hazards, in certain areas, can likely be dense and present real risks to fishing vessels working in these areas. ...

EJF: IUU fishing - Background
Moreover, the illegally caught fish is laundered by mixing with legally caught fish onboard transport vessels. d) Ports of Convenience All fishing vessels must at some point visit a port to land their catch, refuel and take on provisions, and IUU vessels ...

EJF: How Pirate Fishing Happens?
EJF This is the first stage in a laundering process that extends right to the end market. I & J: Pirate fishing vessels ... supplies in the other. In this way the IUU fishing vessels can stay at sea for long periods of time, sometimes for ... . © EJF T: Through a supply chain leading from IUU fishing vessels in West Africa via Las Palmas to our restaurants and ... More from this site

Fishing forever
Responsible Fisheries, the Agreement to Promote Compliance with International Conservation and Management Measures by Fishing Vessels on the High Seas, as well as in those that led to the adoption ... the possibility of managing exploitation levels by setting restrictions on fishing effort, that is, limiting the amount of time fishing vessels can spend at sea. It also foresees the management of ...

WWF - Fishing problems: Bigger nets, faster boats
Bigger nets, faster boats Poorly managed fishing Bigger nets, faster boats Perverse subsidies Fisheries Partnership Agreements Illegal fishing Bycatch Destructive fishing practices Poor fisheries management Marine About Our Oceans Problems Poorly managed fishing ... populations decline by 80% within only 10-15 years after large fishing vessels move into an area. And the biomass of the large ...

WWF - Fishing problems: Perverse subsidies
But according to WWF's 2001 review of global data on fishing subsidies (download as Word file), the money has artificially sustained more fishing vessels than the oceans can sustainably support. These subsidies are paid by taxpayers all over the world. Japan is the largest subsidizer, giving US$2-3 billion annually to its fishing ... More from this site

HSVAR - High Seas Vessels Authorization Record database
HSVAR - High Seas Vessels Authorization Record database The High Seas Vessels Authorization Record database contains distinctive and descriptive elements of high seas fishing vessels as well as information on registration and authorization status, infringements etc. more >> The database presently comprises 5943 records.

UNEP/GRID-Arendal - Publications - In Dead Water - Impact of Unsustainable Fishing Practices on Sea Bed and Ocean Productivity
Fishing vessels are now operating at depths greater than 400 metres ... , large-scale, industrial bottom trawling of their tradional fishing grounds (often carried out unregulated illegally and unreported by distant fishing fleets) ruins local fisheries with devastating effects on ...

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