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Additional Fluorescent Lamp Resources
Fluorescent Lamp Resources DPPEA Home About DPPEA Contacts Need Help? Search DPPEA Employee Portal DENR Customer Service Additional Fluorscent Lamp Resources Fluorescent Lights Home ... Association site Lamp Manufacturer and Other Collection Programs* Air Cycle Corporation Earth 911 RecyclePak EasyPakTM Waste Management LampTracker Maine Compact Fluorescent Lamp Breakage Study ...

Message for Local Governments
The program was sponsored by Superior Water Light and Power (SWLP) and Murphy Oil of Superior (M.O.). Modeled after a fluorescent lamp recycling program ... agreement with a commercial lamp recycler which provides recycling for both mercury thermostats and fluorescent bulbs. Homeowners and residents of Douglas County can bring fluorescent bulbs and high intensity ...

List of Lamp Recyclers
Lamp Disposal 15003 - 54A Street Edmonton, Alberta T5A 2M8 Phone: 780-456-1417 Fax: 780-456-1467 Email: Contact: Terry & Kimberly Scheiris Fluorescent Lamp ... More from this site

Compact Fluorescent Torchieres
(Click for larger image.) This illustration compares the heat generated by a torchiere with a halogen lamp and one with a compact fluorescent lamp. (Photo: ... , what's the answer? Compact Fluorescent Torchieres A new breed of torchieres is now available. Instead of the halogen lamp, they have one or two compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), which draw ... - Recycling Companies List
Atlantic Canada. DAN-X offers the service to pick up and package all fluorescent lamps to be sent for recycling. Also provides a fluorescent lamp crushing ... Fax: 780-456-1467 Email: Contact: Kellan Scheiris Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers Technologies (FLR) Inc. 75 Wanless Court Ayr, Ontario N0B 1E0 Phone: 800-324 ...

NEMA - Lamps Section
Promoting the proper management of spent lamps Advising the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency on Compact Fluorescent Lamp ... More from this site

Health Care Without Harm - Going Green
Era: The Elimination of Mercury Sphygmomanometers 2-10 List of Resolutions on Mercury 2-11Fluorescent Lamp Recycling - 10 Steps to a Successful Program 3. Dioxin, PVC & DEHP 3-1 Dioxin, PVC ...

Mercury Amounts CFL--4mg 4-foot fluorescent lamp--8mg Mercury thermometer--500mg Automotive mercury switch--800mg Older Thermostat--3000mg Why Use Fluorescent Lamps and Tubes? Fluorescent lamps and tubes are an energy ... Look For When Buying Fluorescent Lamps and Tubes • Energy efficiency, lumens per watt. • Long lamp life - minimum of 20,000 hours rated life. (Extend lamp life and conserve energy ...

Fluorescent Lights
Customer Service Fluorescent Lights Advantages of Using Fluorescent Lights Regulatory and Policy Issues Fluorescent Lamps Regulatory Status Lamp Universal Waste Rules Fluorescent Light Study Information ... and General Issues Guidance for Cleaning Up Broken Fluorescent Bulbs Ways to Reduce Lamp Mercury Hazard Additional Fluorescent Lamp Resources N.C. Division of Waste Management ...

ESB: Lumatech Compact Fluorescent Replacements
Lumatech Compact Fluorescent Replacements Lumatech Compact Fluorescent Replacements Lumatech makes it easy to replace those old incandescent light bulbs with modern, efficient compact fluorescent lights. The secret is the compact size ... 89 in. long, so they fit most recessed down lights and flood lights. The Micro-Lamp fits table and floor lamps as well as other lighting fixtures with a standard ...

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