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WWF - African elephants
Loxodonta africana cyclotis. Savanna elephants are larger than forest elephants, and their tusks curve outwards. In addition to being smaller, forest elephants ...

WWF - African elephants - Ecology & Habitat
Factsheets > Elephants > African elephants > Ecology & Habitat Elephants Asian elephants African elephants Ecology & Habitat Population & Distribution Threats African elephants - Ecology & Habitat Matriarchal societies in the African wild The African forest ... consisting of 6 to 70 members led by a large female. Forest elephants live in smaller family units. Small, temporary associations of males ... More from this site

elephants blog
Rare pygmy elephants endangered by logging in Borneo(8/8/2007) Pygmy elephants are increasingly threatened by logging and forest conversion for ... forest elephants declining from logging roads, illegal ivory(4/2/2007) Fast-expanding logging roads in the Congo basin are becoming 'highways of death' for the fierce but elusive forest elephant, ...

Terrestrial Ecoregions -- Guinean forest-savanna mosaic (AT0707)
Guinean Forest-Savanna Mosaic ecoregion is home to a wide range of species, from antelopes to forest elephants. This area is a convergence zone (or melting pot) for savanna and forest species. The predominantly savanna habitat is checkered with forest patches that run along ...

Terrestrial Ecoregions -- Northern Congolian forest-savanna mosaic (AT0712)
Forest elephants have smaller bodies, ears, and tusks than savanna elephants. And in Garamba National Park, there is a population of elephants that appears to be intermediate between the two sub-species. Forest- ... More from this site

Save the Elephants - Regions
Forest Elephant GPS Telemetry Program was initiated in 1998 in response to the near complete lack of information on the home range requirements, ranging patterns, and seasonal movements of forest elephants in central African forests. Savannah elephants use thousands of square kilometers when their ranging is unrestricted, and if forest elephants have similarly large ...

Save the Elephants - Projects
Bibliography Elephant News Service Press Releases   Save the Elephants > Projects The best potential ambassadors for elephants are those who live amongst them, sharing their land ... forest elephants of Central Africa whose populations are in steep decline. Range and movement data is essential to curb illegal poaching and logging that threatens their habitat. Ranging behaviour of the desert elephants ... More from this site

The family elephantidae, elephants
Forest elephant" Elephas antiquus. Taxonomy (the surviving recent elephants) Up until now, the presently living elephants have been divided into two species: ... 2007 Elephant database Intro statistics Latest changes African forest Asian elephants All bulls All cows All captive born elephants born 1880elephants born 1882elephants born 1902elephants born 1905elephants ...

History of Royal Forest Department
Wild elephants and the now extinct Schomberg deer were said to be found roaming in the forest on the outskirts of Bangkok, in what is ... way that forest protection should precede the forest improvement. The lessee is strictly prohibited from destroying the forest. The silvicultural treatment of the forest should be the duty of the Royal Thai Forest Department ...

In 1944 it was thought that nine elephants ... Forest Home of the Knysna elephants: Forests and Fynbos Fresh feeding sign Knysna elephants enjoy forest tree fern Fresh footprints of a forest leopard Gareth near the fresh footprints of elephants ...

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