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TASMANIA - OPEN LETTER to TASMANIAN FOREST PRACTICES BOARD For a PDF versions PDF version OPEN LETTER TO: Mr. Graham Wilkinson, Chief Forest Practices Officer, Forest Practices Board of Tasmania. (http://www.FPB ... you to clarify the following points for me: 1. What part/s of the Tasmanian Forest Practices Code allow/s conduct such as shown in the image to take place. 2. How ...

Page moved: Forest Practices - DDES, King County Washington
Page moved: Forest Practices - DDES, King County Washington DDES forest practices has moved to Your browser should automatically route you to the updated information, or click on ...

Within the Beauty Strip: Forest Management as if Salmon Mattered
REPORT ON FOREST PRACTICES IN SALMON WATERSHEDS Hallowell, Maine (March 30, 2004). The Maine Environmental Policy Institute (MEPI) announced today the release of a report entitled Within the Beauty Strip: Forest Management as ... of extremes of waterflow.   •         Forest practices in Maine have increased the intensity, size, and frequency of disturbances by adding logging in ...

Vehicular Access Restricted in Baxter Park Scientific Forest Management Area
Authority members Tom Doak, head of the Maine Forest Service, and Lee Perry, commissioner of the Department of Inland ... s intentions and provide the public an opportunity to view forest practices in the SFMA. The SFMA is a 29,535-acre ... and pulp. Areas around active logging operations, road construction and forest stand treatment operations will be closed. "Baxters statement regarding ... More from this site

East Gippsland Forest Actions & Events
Environmentalists who have visited the coupe have identified potential breaches of the Code of Forest Practices, and are ... released a report into forest management practices in four forest management areas in Victoria, and found East Gippsland to be the worst at complying with the Code of Forest Practices. Rainforest protection and ...

Goongerah Environment Centre - Forest Information
Forest Information East Gippsland Forest Campaign Labor government's election promise map Goolengook inquiry 2006 Forest Protests in 2006- includes Eden woodchip mill actions, forest blockades of controversial forest ... coming from Errinundra Plateau - February 2004 Ellery Forest Blockade 2004 Environmental Protection Agency Slams East Gippsland Forest Practices Biggest Tree in Victoria found in East ... More from this site

Global Forest Watch - Brazil - Brazil's Forests in Brief
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) system. FSC promotes forest sustainability by evaluating the companys forest management practices considering economic viability, ecological integrity and social justice. Forest ...

Global Forest Watch - Russia - Overview
The transition from Soviet ideology and economy put great strain on the forest industry as markets collapsed, prices changed drastically, and the logging industry was privatized. ... inappropriate forest practices are costing the Russian federal budget US$1 billion per year, according to the Russian Federal Tax Police. GFW Russia will monitor the performance of individual forest ... More from this site

Climate VISION: Private Sector Initiatives: Forest Products: Technology Pathways
Initiatives: Forest Products: Technology Pathways Home: Private Sector Initiatives: Forest Products: Technology Pathways FOREST PRODUCTS Letters of Intent/ Agreements Work Plans GHG Information Resources & ... improvements in mill energy efficiency through enhanced processes and better maintenance practices combined with switching production capacity to newer, more efficient equipment. | Security ...

Forest Habitat - Defenders of Wildlife
Other threats include road construction, clearing land for agriculture and other development activities and climate change. Temperate Deciduous Forest Location: Eastern ... , oil and gas drilling Forest Threat and Protection Summary Most forests, however different in climate and location,are threatened by unsustainable forestry practices, development and climate ...

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