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Forest Research Database - Home
Forest Research Database - Home Publications > Home > Resources Forest-related Research Database As part of NCFC’s mission to make research results more accessible for community benefit, we have begun to compile descriptions of research ...

Forest Research Database - Home
Forest Research Database - Home Publications > Home > Resources > Forest Research Database Forest Research Database Researchers throughout the Northeast are studying a variety of topics related to forests, from research on non-point ... General Databases section. Enter the Forest Research Database Please Help Us Expand this Database! If you are currently involved in a research project and would like ... More from this site

Congressional Research Service Reports at the National Library for the Environment (NLE)
TO CAREERS COUNCIL OF ENERGY RESEARCH & EDUCATION LEADERS STRATEGIC OVERVIEW WILDLIFE HABITAT POLICY RESEARCH PROGRAM NATIONAL COMMISSION ON SCIENCE FOR SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY OUTLOOK FOREST RESEARCH DIALOG Strategic Overview NEXT: ... by law or copyright. NCSE is committed to expanding, maintaining and updating its database of reports, making them available and searchable for the public. To browse ...

Research, College of Forestry, Oregon State University
Forest Research Lab? Research at the College is conducted under the auspices of the Oregon Forest Research Laboratory, established by the Oregon legislature in 1941 as the forestry research arm of the State of Oregon. College research ...

ForestHarvest - Database of non-timber forest product papers and research
Database of non-timber forest product papers and research ForestHarvest: non-timber forest products in Scotland RESEARCH RESEARCH | LITERATURE DATABASE | PROJECTS & INITIATIVES | NTFPS OVERSEAS | REPORTS LINKS | SITE INDEX Database of literature about non-timber forest products (NTFPs) ... web sites Any word Results per page To suggest a publication for inclusion in the database, please email us.

ForestHarvests - species data from the Wild Harvests research project
ForestHarvest species database as part of the Wild Harvests project, which was funded by Scottish Forestry Trust, Scottish Enterprise, Forestry Commission, and Forest Research. The Wild Harvests report View a summary of the report here Download the full report from Forest Research More about the Wild Harvests ... More from this site

Directory of arid lands research institutions 1995
Local databases Databases on Chinese Forestry Literature, World Forest Products, Chinese Bamboo Literature, Forest Tree Breeding, and Forest Fire Control Subcenters Desert Forest ... Center in Beijing Publications Serials Forest Research, Wood Industry, Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products, World Forestry Research, Forest Economics, China Forestry Abstracts History ...

Forest Research Office
Forest Research Office The Forest Research Office • Function and Responsibility • Forest Environment Research and Development - Administration Section - Watershed Research - Forest Insects - Forest Pathology and Microbiology Research - Forest Ecology and Environment Silviculture Research - Forest Tree Improvement Research - Forest Tree Seed Management and Research - Forest Plantation Research ...

Institute for Appropriate Technology: Links to Resources
Canadian Journal of Forest Research - Published since 1971, this monthly journal has been ranked by ISI as one of the top forest science research journals in the past decade. ... . We are devoted to researching and providing the most current and largest company information database possible. Our goal is to keep your company informed and competitive in the industry. ...

Nontimber Forest Products In the United States website
Forest Research Organizations-Division 5.11 Internet Directory for Botany IUCN Sustainable Use Specialist Group Krasnoyarsky Partnership Northern Forest ...

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