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Niagara Falls - A Tale of Two Cities
Fort Niagara and Fort Schlosser. Fort Schlosser was situated approximately one mile above the Falls, opposite Chippawa. Fort Schlosser was originally called "Little Niagara" by the French. The fort was destroyed in 1759 after the French surrender of Fort ...

Niagara Falls - Devil's Hole Massacre
Fort Schlosser near the Falls. Stedman had barely escaped with his life. ... able to narrowly escape the attack. A rescue party from Fort Gray at nearby Lewis Town (located north of Devil's ... arrived from Fort Schlosser, they found only the dead. Victims had been scalped. Fearing a similar attack, the British quickly withdrew to Fort Schlosser. After several ... More from this site

Key Principal Staff - HUD
Inez Banks-DuBose Director Office of Departmental Operations and Coordination (202) 708-2806 Lisa Schlosser Chief Information Officer Office of the Chief Information Officer (202) 708-0306 Mike Milazzo ... Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas) U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 801 Cherry Street Fort Worth, Texas 76113-2905 (817) 978-5540 Macie Houston Regional Director REGION VII (Iowa, ...

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