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remote sensing activities
This set of activities provides the ... of some of these sources of CO2 concentration data. [ Yellowstone Biomass Burning ] [ Seasonal Vegetation Changes ] [ Fossil Fuel Burning ] [ Fit CO2 Curve ] [ Balancing the Carbon Cycle ] [ Uncertainty in CO2 Data ] [ ...

The need for energy will almost certainly increase the rate of fossil fuel burning. Listed below are a number of proposed "solutions" to combat global warming. The ... ice cap, using technology much like ski slopes use to make artificial snow. Stop burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. Alternatives: Solar cells, hydropower, wind power, nuclear power. Drawbacks: ... More from this site

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
CO2 emissions. But CO2 is produced largely through the burning of fossil fuels: coal, oil, and gas. In steel and toy factories. In power plants. Cars ... the world: the North, the G-8. They owe their current prosperity to years of fossil fuel burning. Slowly polluting the atmosphere to fever pitch. Even now, they are high-emission nations. Then ...

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
During the past 20 years, about three quarters of anthropogenic emissions were due to fossil fuel burning and the ... More from this site

IPCC - The Third Assessment Report - Working Group I
About three-quarters of the increase is from fossil fuel burning, while the rest is mostly due to deforestation. Atmospheric methane has increased even ... fail to match the observed increase in global temperatures, while modeling the effect of fossil fuel burning predicts too much climate change. However, models which incorporate both human and natural factors ...

Eco-Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth. Chapter 5 INTRODUCTION solar hydrogen economy climate-benign fuels CFL compact fluorescent Toyota Prius sustainable development carbon emissions clearcutting fossil fuels alternative energy renewable energy
Sun is setting on the fossil fuel era. The last several decades have shown a steady shift from coal, the most polluting and climate-disrupting fossil fuel, to oil, which is somewhat less ... the time has come for an energy transition. After years of denying any link between fossil fuel burning and climate change, John Browne, the chief executive officer of British Petroleum (BP) announced his ...

Climate Ark: Causes/Fossil Fuels Links
Rate It (CGZero) seeks to organize citizens in opposition to fossil fuel developments in the Northern Rockies and to support efficiency in energy policies Added: Apr ... carbon capture and storage (CCS)which aims to reduce the climate impact of burning fossil fuels by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from power station smokestacks and disposing of ...

Deep-sea disposal of fossil-fuel CO2
CO2 News releases Media coverage Contact us Open house Deep-sea disposal of fossil-fuel CO2: First ocean observations EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE: ... the May 7 issue of the journal Science. The burning of fossil fuels to create the energy that our society depends on ... and F.M. Orr, Jr. Direct Experiments on the Ocean Disposal of Fossil Fuel CO2. Science, May 7, 1999, 284: 943-945. For more ...

bio fuel - "Composting To Reduce Landfill Sites, And The Path To Biofuel Sustainability"
However, just as in most scientific and commercial advances, ... The methane gas produced is a sustainable fuel for direct burning for power generation. Doing this is carbon positive, it uses only renewable resources, it replaces fossil fuel use. It will reduce climate ...

alternative energy: bio fuel - "Is There Kentucky Fried Fuel In Your Future?"
That’s because these two agencies have been working together to advance the development of petroleum-based fuel ... car will have “finger licking good” exhaust fumes, there is a great need to develop fossil fuel alternatives. Researchers aren’t just working with animal renderings and vegetable oil either. Experimental research ... More from this site

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