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Home | The Freshwater Society
The Freshwater Society The Freshwater Society close Home About the Society Programs Water Facts In the News Publications Links Contact Us Weatherguide Calendars Become a Member ... wetlands that provide habitat for people and wildlife alike. The Freshwater Society is dedicated to promoting the conservation and stewardship of all freshwater resources. Join us in this important work. Members sought ...

Programs | The Freshwater Society
The Freshwater Society The Freshwater Society close Home About the Society Programs water is life road salt symposium weather station Water Facts In the News ... freshwater resources, the Freshwater Society has convened a council of community leaders to study issues related to freshwater sustainability.   The Guardianship Council represents a new page in the 40-year history of the Freshwater Society ... More from this site

Great River Greening | Related Organizations
Rivers Audubon Society, National Upper Mississippi River Campaign Saint Paul Audubon Society Citizens for a Better Environment Clean up the River Environment The Freshwater Society Friends of the Minnesota Valley Friends of the Mississippi River Izaak Walton League, Minnesota Division Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy Minnesota Land Trust Minnesota Native Plant Society ...

Freshwater Website: Water Pollution (Table of Contents)
Water Modelling Water Pollution Water Quality Water Resource Economics Water Use Events Calendar Freshwater Maps General Links Publications Teacher's Corner Water Pollution Links All Links Publications - ...  Toxic substances in the aquatic environment Toxic chemicals: the legacy of a chemical society Long-range transport of airborne pollutants Acid rain and the aquatic environment Effects ...

Freshwater Website: Groundwater (Safeguarding groundwater supply)
Permafrost Properties of Water Rivers Sediment Snow and Ice Water and Climate Wetlands Events Calendar Freshwater Maps General Links Publications Teacher's Corner Safeguarding our groundwater supply Groundwater is an ... be done to preserve it and even improve its availability to us. Both as a society and as individuals, we must keep in mind groundwater's susceptibility to contamination. Groundwater ... More from this site

Sable Island Green Horse Society 7a
Sable Island Green Horse Society 7a A foggy day in August at the freshwater ponds on Sable Island

Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department: Freshwater Sawfish
John Latham in his article An essay on the various species of sawfish in the journal Transactions of the Linnaean Society ... lives in freshwater conditions. Freshwater sawfish in northern Australia seem to prefer these freshwater habitats during the wet season (December-March). During the dry season (May-October), Australian freshwater sawfish seem ...

Maryland Native Plant Society: Bibliography
This book is also available from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Gloucest Point ... locally in the Washington, DC / Baltimore area at these stores. Adkins Arboretum Audubon Naturalist Society Irvine Natural Science Center Maryland Book Exchange On-line Book Dealers Adkins Arboretum ...

WWF - Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM)
Adequate investment by governments, the private sector, and civil society organisations in capacity for river basin planning and participation processes. A solid ... from water resources in an equitable manner while preserving and, where necessary, restoring freshwater ecosystems." Adapted from Integrated Water Resources Management, Global Water Partnership Technical Advisory ...

Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)
FRESHWATER WORKING GROUP Members In 2003 at the Annual Meeting of SCB in Duluth, Minnesota, the Freshwater Working Group was formed to help promote freshwater conservation concerns within the Society ... Publications | Meetings & Programs | Get Involved | Resources | Contact Us | Search SCB Copyright 2008 Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) Direct questions, comments, and technical ...

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