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The Regional Impacts of Climate Change
Health: Human health ...

Sports Adventure Activities, Projects and Business Types
Ranching SA 1088 Rock Collecting SA 1089 Plant Exploration SA 1090 Fishing Lake SA 1091 Rock Polishing SA 1092 Jewelry Making SA 1093 Boat Dock & Marina SA 1094 Game Ranching ... Your Focus and Your Passion? Do you love the Beautiful game? Is it what you think about, what you live, what ... soccer. Because soccer is the world's most important game, we at ISAI have developed some exciting programs for ...

Welcome to the Exciting World of Sustainable Tourism
... create ecologically sound, sustainable agroecosystems in the tropics where people can make a living by game ranching, iguana raising, butterfly farming, rattan plantations, bamboo plantations and a wide variety of solar energy ... More from this site

Save The Tiger Fund | Legalizing tiger trade would spell doom for wild tigers
Wildlife farming raises undomesticated animals in confined quarters, feeding and breeding them intensively, usually for slaughter. Game ranching manages undomesticated ... Game ranching began in Zimbabwe in 1961, when the high court ruled that individuals could own wild animals found on private land. Attitudes towards game ranching were initially negative, but as game ...

De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust, North West Province, South Africa
Other large predators ... stock farmers. This is causing conflict between game farmers and cheetah as these cheetahs are preying on game species introduced by game farmers on these game farming areas. Conservation status of cheetahs ...

De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust, North West Province, South Africa
Thus, predators in South Africa are thought of ... during drought years. 3. Electric Fencing > Domestic Stock, Game Farms and Intensive Game Breeding Camps This method is highly effective on both livestock and game farms, and is extremely cost effective. It can ... More from this site

Center History - The School for Field Studies
About our Site Risk Management Services Kenya: The Center for Wildlife Management Studies operated at Game Ranching Limited from 1985 to 2001. In 1999 a satellite bush camp was opened in southern ...

Alumni Notes - The School for Field Studies
I hope to see you again some day." Kenya Center for Wildlife Management Studies Game Ranching Limited, 1985-2001 Kuku Bush Camp, 1999-2001 Kilimanjaro Bush Camp, 2001-present National Park ... More from this site

The Regional Impacts of Climate Change
... by changing animal numbers annually)-along with the use of various kinds of domestic animals, game ranching, multiple production systems, commercial hunting, and tourism-would facilitate socioeconomic activity and provide some food ...

MyWire | Newsweek: The New Green Game
People Topics Stars Athletes Leaders Scientists Preview Channel Newsweek > August 27, 2001 The New Green Game Tradable allowances for greenhouse gases may one day become the world's biggest commodities market ... to part with $10 million for rebuilding a Brazilian rain forest devastated by water-buffalo ranching. GM's money will ensure that trees are replanted, and that what remains of the ...

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