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NCAR Sun & Space Weather Research
Sun nurtures life on Earth, it can create costly problems for society. Geomagnetic storms, spawned by disturbances in the vast solar corona, may scramble radio waves, disrupt ... storms are known as coronal mass ejections, which can release enormous clouds of plasma that engulf planets. Space Weather Solar disruptions can have both damaging and beautiful effects on Earth. Geomagnetic storms ...

NCAR Sun & Space Weather Research: Solar Storms
Earth Observing Laboratory ESSL: Earth & Sun Systems Laboratory RAL: Research Applications Laboratory Solar Storms Coronal mass ejections can strike Earth's magnetosphere, the magnetic field surrounding our ... & Press Solar Telescope Reaches 120,000 Feet on Jumbo-Jet-Sized Balloon [more] Geomagnetic storms may spur thermospheric vortices [more] Next solar max: Doozy or dud? [more] Scientists ... More from this site

Study Recommends Steps for Improving Space Weather Activities
Environment Center in Boulder can expect longer lead times and greater accuracy in anticipating solar storms and their impacts on Earth if recommendations from a new federal review of the ... government satellites alone are estimated at $100 million a year. One study found solar-caused geomagnetic storms from June 2000 through December 2001 raised the price of electricity $500 million. Diverting ...

Monthly summary for July 2000
CNN (Europe) Jul 08: Oyama erupts - BBC Jul 10: Storms force shutdown at Ukraine's Chernobyl plant - CNN (Europe) Jul 11: 'Hurricane' hits video, Spielberg ... Alberta - CNN Jul 17: 'Perfect Storm' may boost efforts to help swordfish - CNN Jul 17: Geomagnetic storm dies down, few reports of damage - CNN (Sci/Tech) Jul 17: Tornado death toll ...

Planetary Ejections and Cratering
Easter in 1666. Reid's Law of Storms describes a heavy rain that included herrings on 9 March 1830 at the island of ... closer to horizontal, and would not be described as a fountain. There was a notable geomagnetic disturbance that was more like what accompanied the huge volcanic explosion of Krakatoa. Some described ...

Evolution, Mass Extinctions, and Mass Speciations
Want to know more about this subject? Click here. Geomagnetic Excursions and Evolution Another source for genetic mutation ... leading to temperature minimums or glaciation, shifts in precipitation, large-scale winds and storms, pressure modifications, and fluctuations in carbon, hydrocarbons and isotopes. Climatic transitions and ... More from this site

Space Weather: Aurora Borealis Royal Meteorological Society UK, Weather and Climate
THEMIS, a mission with a team of five space craft, to study auroras. One geomagnetic storm that NASA observed had a total energy of five hundred thousand billion (5 x ... Auroras sometimes erupt with little warning and surprising intensity. We call these events ‘sub-storms,' and they are a big mystery.” You can watch an excellent video about the ...

Marine Connection
Navigational error some marine mammals are known to use geomagnetic contours to navigate coastlines and where these cross a beach this can result in the ... the beach or shoreline, (this can also occur during unusual weather patterns e.g. electrical storms) Chasing prey dolphins may strand while involved in chasing prey, they can unexpectedly be picked ...

NOAA's Geophysical Data Center - Geomagnetic Data
Geomagnetic Indices (off-site). AA* Index (Major magnetic storms list) Auroral Electrojet Index (AE) (High resolution and hourly data) Ap* Index (Major magnetic storms list) Disturbance Storm-Time (Dst) Index Proposed Est and Ist Indices Kp and Ap indices Geomagnetic ...

Geomagnetic Field Models at NGDC
CIRES/NGDC geomagnetic research efforts, visit the CIRES Geomagnetism Web site. Download the collection of Utility Programs including (partial list): GMCORD program which determines the geomagnetic coordinates for ... and selected time Access to the Auroral Electrojet Index, AE Forecast information on magnetic storms is available through the NOAA Space Environment Center, or through NOAA's recorded ... More from this site

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