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GCC: Tony Fitzjohn/George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trust -- Introduction
TODAY Articles, March 1999 1999 Newsletter GCC is a strong supporter of the Tony Fitzjohn/George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trust. The main project funded by the trust is the Mkomazi ... these two reserves form one of the largest protected ecosystems in Africa. The Tony Fitzjohn/George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trust works with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and ...

GCC: Tony Fitzjohn/George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trust -- History
Newsletter A native of Great Britain, Fitzjohn joined George Adamson in his work at the Kora National Reserve in Kenya in 1971. Adamson, who was killed by poachers in 1989, is known ... October 10, 1988, the previous Director of the Wildlife Department wrote to the Tony Fitzjohn/George Adamson Trust, formally requesting its assistance. With the later promotion of Mr. Costa Mlay to the ... More from this site

Elsa Conservation Trust
Joy and George Adamson, their work in conservation is part funded by the Elsa Conservation Trust through education and training. The book 'Born Free' was written in 1960 by Joy Adamson and tells ...

George Adamson of Born Free fame. Gareth was sent to an English boarding school for his last two years of schooling. There he wrote to George Adamson, asking if he could assist him, and his letter was passed on to Joy Adamson. She invited ... about meeting George Adamson who invited Gareth to his camp at Kora in Kenya. A strong relationship developed between George (82) and ...

George Adamson, the grand old lion man of Africa, was murdered by Somalian ivory poachers in 1989. Before his tragic death, at the age of 83, Adamson ... for preying on cattle when they were just two days old. When George died, no one knew what to do with the cubs, especially ... in a zoo or be put down. Gareth Patterson, who worked with George just before his death, shared a similar passion for the lion, ... More from this site

The End of Fortress Conservation?
As field director of the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, Tony Fitzjohn reigns over the 1,500 square miles of Tanzania's ... control of the reserve over to the Trust, set up by Fitzjohn and the late George Adamson (husband of Born Free author Joy). Today, it is held up as a model of ...

Environmental History Timeline: 1940-1960
George Schaller writes The Year of the Gorilla, a book about mountain gorillas in the Congo. Later, Diane Fossey will credit Schaller's book as her inspiration. 1959 -- Joy Adamson, wife of Kenyan game warden George Adamson, authored Born Free, about her rehabilitation for release of the lioness Elsa. The story became an influential hit film. The Adamsons and George's ...

Africa Safari Specialists: Kenya Safari Camps and Lodges -
Elsa's Kopje - This lodge is named after Elsa the lioness reared by George and Joy Adamson and returned to the wild here. The retreat consists of eight stone cottages, each ...

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Rangoon (Embassy) Ambassador: Ms M. Chan Cambodia - Phnom Penh (Embassy) Ambassador: Ms M. Adamson Canada - Toronto (Consulate-General) Managed by Austrade. Canada - Ottawa (High Commission) High ... High Commission) High Commissioner: Mr P. Hooton Solomon Islands - Honiara Special Coordinator: Mr T. George South Africa - Pretoria (High Commission) High Commissioner: Mr P. Green OAM South Africa ...

Australian Heads of Mission Overseas - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ms F. Adamson High Commissioner to United Kingdom Ms M. Adamson Ambassador to Cambodia Ms R. Adler High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam ... M. Forster High Commissioner to Laos Mr D. Foskett High Commissioner to Bangladesh Mr T. George Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands Mr B. Gosper Ambassador and ... More from this site

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