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Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purifiers - What are they and how do they work
Mercury Vapor or Germicidal Lamps The low-pressure variety of mercury vapor lamp, which can be referred to as a germicidal lamp, provides the most cost-effective and efficient source of short-wave ultraviolet energy. Germicidal ...

Aquaray 40 HO and 3X
HO lamp, reducing the number of lamps required to treat the same capacity. Small Footprint Long Lamp Life Bioassay ... are optimized by advanced CFD modeling Automatic flow pacing reduces energy consumption and extends lamp life Side flow deflectors enhance disinfection efficiency while keeping a low hydraulic profile Advanced ...

TOC Reduction with UV
TOC. Medium-pressure UV TOC also provides radiation in the germicidal ... Medium-pressure systems offer high reliability due to minimal internal components and fast lamp replacement, reducing system down-time during maintenance. Ozone product by output select a ... More from this site

ULTRA VIOLET TREATMENT - Paradise Environmental Services
Modern ultra violet treatment units treat water by exposing it to a special germicidal UV lamp in a clear quartz glass housing. The UV light destroys the genetic material of ...

NIKRO Industries Site Map
Knob Hangers “Your Neighbors” #860439 - Door Knob Hangers “Achoo” #860862 - Single Lamp “GermiTroll” Ultraviolet Germicidal Light #860863 - Dual Lamp “GermiTroll” Ultraviolet Germicidal Light #860860 - 20" x 25" x 1" Washable Pleated Filters #860857 - 16 ...

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