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Florida Everglades
The male does not stay with the female to help raise the cubs. After a gestation period of 92-96 days, the female Florida Panther produces a litter of 1-3 cubs ...

all about gorillas
The gestation period is about nine months. Gorilla mothers with an infant may not have another for up ... More from this site

The Dolphin Institute - Resource Guide
Bottlenose dolphins have a twelve month long gestation period, and calves remain with their mothers for several years. Young nurse, or attempt to nurse ...

The Florida Panther Society, Inc.
Panthers need about 3000 calories per day ... , & may stay and hunt together for a few days before going their separate ways. The gestation period is 92-96 days. Panthers usually produce 1 litter every 2 years with an average ...

The Florida Panther Society, Inc.
Interbreeding Program will be evaluated over the next several years. The panther's gestation period is around three months, so kittens could be expected in 1995 and young adults of ... More from this site

Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department
(December-March) in the Northern Territory (Australia). The gestation period of the green sawfish is not known, but the largetooth sawfish has a gestation period of about five months, and may only give birth ...

Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department: Freshwater Sawfish
The gestation period of the freshwater sawfish is probably about five months, based on the closely related largetooth ... More from this site

Kind Planet Animal Care Tips - Caring for a Pregnant Guinea Pig
Tips - Caring for a Pregnant Guinea Pig Animal Care - Caring for Pregnant Guinea Pigs The gestation period for Guinea Pigs is 62 to 70 days. The greater the number of babies the ...

The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - The Sharks of the Monterey Bay - Pelagic Sharks
The gestation period is unknown but new born pups have been measured at approximately 5 feet total length ...

Domestication and Gestation
The mean gestation period for Holsteins is 279 days. The mean gestation period for Brown Swiss is 290 days. Other breeds have gestation times between these ... period of time between the gestation period of the two different breeds or species, usually closer to the mother's. Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica online, entries Cattle, Domestication, and Gestation ...

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