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Energy Equipment GHG Indicator "The GHG Indicator: UNEP guidelines for calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Businesses and Non-Commercial Organizations" can help organizartions in estimating and reporting their GHG emissions, and so stimulate action on climate change. You can download a simplified excel GHG Calculator here or go to the following website for detailed guidelines and sopftware: ...

CDM: important organizations, publications and newsletters GHG Indicator The GHG Indicator is a tool that can be used to calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for a company and can ... GHG Indicator: UNEP Guidelines for Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Businesses and Non-Commercial Organisations” explains how the indicator works. The GHG Indicator itself is an excel-based programme and GHG ... More from this site

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Enviro-Access Log in Français Our services Innovation Services Industrial Eco-efficiency GHG Emission Reduction Enviro-access About Enviro-access Mission Team Services Annual report Partners ... and knowledge that can be used. This site also includes resources for reporting and indicator practitioners. Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) CIESIN is a non-profit ...

Frequent Questions | Climate Leaders | US EPA
GHG intensity goals allow a company to account for changes in production over time where the ratio of GHG emissions to an appropriate normalizing factor becomes the Partner’s key performance indicator. ... suitable key performance indicator. We made many improvements prior to our base year. How can we get credit for those? Climate Leaders will work with Partners who have undertaken GHG reduction ...

Reporting Requirements | Climate Leaders | US EPA
The reporting requirements consist of three major components: an Inventory Management Plan, the Annual GHG Inventory Summary and Goal Tracking Form, and the review process. Inventory Management Plan (MS ... —for both domestic and international sources. The form also includes historical totals, a performance indicator (if applicable) that is used to track progress toward a reduction goal, data on ... More from this site

Canadian GHG Challenge: Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]
The advantages include: -> Entities that have a registered champion-level GHG action plan in their Canadian GHG Challenge Registry online profile receive positive market recognition and exposure, -> The ... identified in your Action Plan. Organizations will often define targets using a performance indicator or intensity value (GHG per unit of output) as that may be a better measure of ...

Climate Change Blog: June 2007 Monthly Archives
More on Greenland ice melt June 21, 2007 China World's #1 Carbon/GHG Polluter as West Exports Emissions Per-capita an individual American ... climate science indicates 80-90% cuts in carbon dioxide and other GHG are required by 2050 to avert abrupt climate disaster, it ... to be rising three times faster than expected -- this is an indicator that climate change is on track to be abrupt [search] and ...

Canada's 2006 Greenhouse Gas Inventory - A Summary of Trends
GHG Home Canada's GHG Inventory Current Report Report Summary Archives Facility GHG Reporting GHG Quantification Guidance GHG Verification Guidance Site Map Contact Us About GHG Division Home > GHG Inventory > Archive ... 2003 because of generally milder winter temperatures. In 2006, heating degree days, an indicator of the necessity for space heating in reaction to the severity of cold ...

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