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How the Giant Squid Eats
Giant Squid Eats Eco-Pros Environmental Education on the Web If your food had ... its natural surroundings for so long. Squid are mollusks, and in the same family as octopuses, slugs, snails and cuttlefish. Giant Squids have eyes as big as ... propulsion. We know very little about the Giant Squid. The vast ocean holds many more secrets yet to be discovered. Return to Giant Squid page - visit the list of ...

Giant Squid
Giant Squid ECO-PROS Environmental Education on the Web GIANT SQUID Illusive and mysterious creature of the sea Holy Squid! Photos Offer First Glimpse of Live Deep-Sea Giant View photos taken of this illusive sea ... and behaviour of this mysterious species. Read "First-ever observations of a live giant squid in the wild" (pdf format) Giant Squid Finally Captured on Film (Fox News, 9/28/05) If you had ... More from this site

Giant Squid | Colossal Squid
Giant Squid and Colossal Squid Fact Sheet Giant Squid Architeuthis dux Close View of a Reddish Colored Giant Or Humboldt Squid ...

Search for Giant Squid
Search for Giant Squid | Architeuthis Dux | About the Expedition | Meet the Scientists | Kaharoa | Dispatches | Acknowledgements | For Press Information | Copyright 1999 Smithsonian Institution. All rights reserved.

Giant squid found off Santa Cruz dissected by researchers - San Jose Mercury News
Oliver. Nonetheless, the scientists are 99 percent certain that it is a giant squid ... Giant squid, unlike many other squid species, float when they die. "It really is a mystery in terms of how it got there," said Van Sommeran.The squid ...

Ocean Alliance - VOYAGE OF THE ODYSSEY - Indian Ocean Logs
Odyssey log: Real Audio - >28k July 5, 2002 'Architeuthis - The Giant Squid' "Most of us have a perception of this creature, ... about this animal may be quite different. Inaccurate information regarding the giant squid is often found in popular literature. So what do ... was the fin of a very large squid. Was this a fin from a species of Giant Squid?" Read more >> Listen to the Odyssey log: ...

August 3, 2001 'The Chambered Nautilus' "A relative of the octopus, squid and cuttlefish, the Chambered Nautilus is an ancient cephalopod. ... more dangerous than any shark, sea snake, jelly or giant squid.." Read more >> Listen to the Odyssey log: Real Audio - >28k ... : Real Audio - >28k May 7, 2001 'The Mating Patterns of Squid' "Cephalopods include the octopuses, cuttlefishes, squids, and the most ... More from this site

NRDC: Wildlife Links
Marine Animals In Search of Giant Squid - Smithsonian Institution scientists from the U.S. and New Zealand use a "Deep Rover" submersible to directly observe the elusive giant squid. Marine Mammal Center - Learn about ...

Extreme Science® Blog » Blog Archive » Colossal Squid Landed
Colossal Squid” (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni). This is apparently a different species than the current world-record invertebrate - Architeuthis dux (the Giant Squid ...

Humboldt squid, including a human, it would have been devoured instantly. Humboldt squid, also known as Jumbo squid, grow up to ... believe that the expansion of the Humboldt squid may threaten the marine ecosystem. The squid may devour entire stocks of commercially ... benefits of having giant calamari swim close to home and are now serving steaks of the squid. While the squid may threaten certain ...

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