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Gopher Tortoise Council
(Gopherus polyphemus). The Council offers professional advice for management, conservation, and protection of gopher tortoises; encourages the study of the life history, ecology, and management of gopher tortoises ...

Gopher Tortoise Council About Gopher Tortoise
RESEARCH NEEDS Many questions about gopher tortoises remain unanswered. How long do tortoises ... More from this site

PARC - Grant Information
Download full document: Word file. BACK TO TOP Gopher Tortoise Council Mini-grants Environmental Education Mini-Grant Program The deadline for all ... objectives. Details on the project. How this project will educate about the importance of gopher tortoises and/or upland ecosystems The target audience Application forms are available for download here. ...

The Regions of PARC - Southeast
To visit the SEPARC website, click here Southeast PARC Organizations Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Kentucky ... More from this site

Environmental Resources
Like the habitat, many plants and animals found in scrub are threatened or endangered. Endangered gopher tortoises burrow dens up to 30 feet long in the open white sand, emerging to eat ...

C.R.O.W. Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc.
Volunteers help in all of these areas. Grazing gopher tortoises is also an important part of the morning routine and volunteers are welcome to participate ...

C.R.O.W. Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc.
Species of special concern, such a burrowing owls and gopher tortoises, are frequent patients. There are people and organizations in this area dedicated to the vital ... More from this site

President's Council - Defenders of Wildlife
Island Fox Cheetah Clouded Leopard Crocodile Desert Tortoise Diamondback Terrapin Dolphin Elephant Fisher Gopher Tortoise Grizzly Bear Hawaiian Monk Seal Hummingbirds Jaguar Lion Lynx Manatee Mexican ... International -- Canada Mexico Success Story Florida Forever Gets New Lease on Life Florida panthers, gopher tortoises, black bears and other wildlife have renewed hope in Florida. Read More > ...

DEP Kids Page - Cross Florida Greenway
The Greenway is home to gopher tortoises, whitetail deer, squirrels, shore birds, waterfowl, alligators and manatees. The Cross Florida Greenway Land Bridge ...

Gopher Tortoise - Defenders of Wildlife
Range The range of the gopher tortoise is much smaller than it was in the past. Human activities have made the gopher tortoise’s historic ... on an area that is gopher tortoise habitat, they either have to relocate the tortoises or take out an incidental take permit and then bulldoze over them. The gopher tortoises that are relocated often ...

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