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WWF - Greater Antillean Moist Forests - A Global Ecoregion
Greater Antillean Moist Forests - A Global Ecoregion myWWF Sign in | Sign up | Help About WWF How You Can Help News & Facts FAQ search Home > About WWF > Where We Work > Ecoregions > Greater Antillean Moist Forests Ecoregions About Global Ecoregions List of Ecoregions Maps Protected Areas Greater Antillean Moist Forests - A Global Ecoregion ...

Migratory Bird Permit Consolidation
Emberizidae Emberiza citrinella, Yellowhammer Gubernatrix cristata, Yellow Cardinal Loxigilla violacea, Greater Antillean Bullfinch Melopyrrha nigra, Cuban Bullfinch Paroaria capitata, Yellow-billed Cardinal* ... pectoralis, Spot-breasted Oriole* Leistes (=Sturnella) militaris, Red-breasted Blackbird (=Greater Red-breasted Meadowlark) Family Fringillidae Carduelis cannabina, Eurasian Linnet Carduelis ...

Global 200 Ecoregions: Marine
... Red Sea Arabian Sea East African Marine West Madagascar Marine Western Tropical Atlantic Mesoamerican Reef Greater Antillean Marine Southern Caribbean Sea Northeast Brazil Shelf Marine

Global 200 Ecoregions: Terrestrial
Chin Hills Moist Forests Cardamom Mountains Moist Forests Western Java Montane Forests Neotropic Greater Antillean Moist Forests Talamancan-Isthmian Pacific Forests Choco-Darien Moist Forests Northern Andean Montane ... 61 62 63 Nearctic Sierra Madre Oriental and Occidental Pine-Oak Forests Neotropic Greater Antillean Pine Forests Mesoamerican Pine-Oak Forests TEMPERATE BROADLEAF AND MIXED FORESTS 64 ... More from this site

WWF - List of Ecoregions
Guianan Freshwater - Brazil, French Guiana (France), Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela (179) Greater Antillean Freshwater - Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico (United States) Palearctic ... Western Tropical Atlantic (235) Mesoamerican Reef - Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico (236) Greater Antillean Marine - Bahamas, Cayman Islands (United Kingdom), Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica ...

Iguana Specialist Group (formerly the West Indian Iguana Specialist Group)
Bahamas and the Greater and Lesser Antilles. They are among the most endangered of the world’s lizards, ... all West Indian iguanas, including the rock iguanas (genus Cyclura) as well as the Lesser Antillean iguana (Iguana delicatissima). Each taxon has been ranked as Critically Endangered, Endangered, or Vulnerable ...

Sirenians of the World
Antillean manatee) Florida manatees are found in the southeastern United States, mostly in Florida. Antillean manatees are found in the coastal and inland waterways of eastern Mexico, Central America, the Greater ...

Grand Cayman
"Saladoids" after the type site in Venezuela, entered the Antillean chain from coastal Guiana and the Orinoco River Valley in Venezuela sometime prior to ... Siegel 1989). Trade networks were extensive during the Ostionoid period encompassing all of the Greater Antilles and possibly through the Lesser Antilles to mainland South America. Some researchers have ...

Turtle, Tuatara, Crocodile Checklist--Index
Graptemys pseudogeographica versa Graptemys pulchra Graptemys versa grayi, T. Greater padloper Greek tortoise Green box turtle Green turtle Green turtles Green- ... Graptemys nigrita Nile crocodile Nile softshell turtle niloticus, Crocdylus Nilssonia Nilssonia formosa North Antillean slider Northern Australian snake-necked tortoise Northem snake-necked turtle Northern ... More from this site

Conservation International - Field Researchers Mark Manatee Milestone
The capture of an Antillean manatee (Trichechus manatus ssp. manatus), a subspecies of the West Indian manatee, is the result ... :00 iPod Makes Finding Hidden Birds Easier No Duration Primates Face Threats around the World Greater Bamboo Lemur Found Lost There, Felt Here (Large Screen) (Screen saver) Lost There, Felt Here ...

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