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Green Roofs | Heat Island Effect | U.S. EPA
Green Roofs Are Available? There are two types of green roofs: intensive and extensive. Here are some characteristics of each: Intensive and Extensive Green Roofs Characteristic Intensive Green Roof Extensive Green ...

LID Urban Design Tools - Green Roofs
Green Roofs Green Roofs Design Page Green roofs, also known as vegetated roof covers, eco-roofs or nature roofs, are multi-beneficial structural components that help to mitigate the effects ... the variables influencing the effectiveness of green roofs.2 Chicago City Hall Urban Heat Island Initiative project (Source: Roofscapes, Inc.) Green roofs provide stormwater management benefits by: Utilizing ...

LID Urban Design Tools - Green Roofs
Green Roofs Green Roofs Commercial/Industrial/Institutional (Ultra Urban Retrofits) Green roofs can be integrated into a proposed or existing project to help meet stormwater management requirements. Beyond stormwater management concerns, many green roofs ... More from this site

Current news and events concerning green roofs
Let Green Roofs Be A Victim of the Credit Crunch Phil Clark, Building Design discusses the positives of green roofs. Full article here Green Roof News - 09.07.2008 IKO Green Donates A Green ... home their own mini-green roofs. Full press release available in pdf format. Building Green - UK's first green roof workshop Green Roof News - 13.05.2008 Appraisals of Extensive Green Roofs A questionnaire, ...

Older news about livingroofs and green roofs in general
City Council project to put green roofs on Shefield bus shelters. Green Roof News - 12/7/2005 Article in Society section of The Guardian newspaper on green roofs with contributions by Dusty Gedge, ... on a tour of green roofs in Switzerland to highlight the potential of green roofs for biodiversity. Later in the year there will be seminar on biodiversity and green roofs highlighting the Swiss technical ... More from this site

River Basin Center: Green Roofs
Center: Green Roofs Stormwater Management Best Management Practices Green Roofs Lake Allatoona PMP Back to Research Home Research : Stormwater Management Green Roofs PhD student Tim Carter is establishing a vegetated roof research ... in the harsh conditions of a rooftop. A lightweight, engineered growing medium enabled roofs to be retrofitted with this vegetative cover. The roof will be studied for ...

Green Buildings
Fox, Swiss Re 57 The Hearst Headquarters: The Green Matrix Thomas Scarola, Tishman Speyer Institutions 65 Brooklyn Children's Museum: Green Building, Green Kids! Rafael Vinoly, Rafael Vinoly Architects 69 Clearview ... , AIA, New York Chapter and Joyce Lee, NYC OMB 111 Discovering the Fifth Facade: Green Roofs Make Good Sense Amanda Clontz, Earth Pledge Construction Best Practices 114 The CMs Role ...

Science and the Environment Bulletin: Green skylines offer urban re-leaf
Greenbacks from Green Roofs: Forging a New Industry in Canada, for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. According to ... reducing the urban heat island by 3-4. One of the most tangible effects of green roofs is their ability to retain stormwater. In urban areas, most runoff flows into stormsewers, picking ... Speakers on Green Building, Materials, Design
Green Design & Building. Green building, including architectural design, materials specification, and construction ... Design & Building Commercial, Public & Industrial Design & Building Beyond Green, Carbon Neutral & Living Building Design & Building Green Roofs Materials Certification & Selection Indoor Air Quality Infrastructure Design ...

Access Green Building Alliance
Facts and Maps Case Studies Tour a Green Building Publications PA Green Building Stats What is Green Building LEED Facts Funding for Green Building Tips and Resources Getting Started GBA ... solar energy, wind energy and green roofs. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact Jeaneen Zappa or dowload sponsorship information here. Copyright 2008 Green Building Alliance 333 East Carson ...

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