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CRESLI's Green sea turtle page
Green turtles are a threatened species in the US with the exception of Florida where they are endangered. In several Caribbean nations they are farmed regularly for food. On Long Island, juvenile green turtles ...

Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) Conservation
This image courtesy of MIR Mating green sea turtles This image courtesy of Lost Horizons Resorts Green sea turtle hatchlings This image courtesy of Nisbet Business Services A green ... green turtles nest people still harvest the eggs of sea turtles for consumption(Caribbean Conservation Corporation, 1996; World Wildlife Fund, 2001). In these same areas, the meat of adult sea turtles ...

Euroturtle - Introduction to Sea Turtles
Green turtles are herbivores, feeding on sea grasses, algae and mangrove shoots. see Sea Turtle Biology section for more information There is some evidence that young Sea Turtles can confuse oil ... Threats to Survival section It may take 15-30 years for Marine Turtles to reach sexual maturity. All Sea Turtles have very similar life-histories, mating taking place in coastal waters ...

Greentrack Homepage
HOME page A general introduction to sea turtles General description, origins and classification Sea Turtles are a group of shelled reptiles and belong to the order Testudines ... such as crabs to floating jellyfish. Green turtles are herbivores, feeding on sea grasses, algae and mangrove shoots. There is some evidence that young Sea Turtles can confuse oil droplets for food and ... More from this site

Marine Turtles - Office of Protected Resources - NOAA Fisheries
Green turtles and olive ridley turtles have breeding populations that were listed separately under the ESA, and therefore, have more than one ESA status. (E = "endangered"; T = "threatened") Species Status green ...

Threats to Marine Turtles - Office of Protected Resources - NOAA Fisheries
Environmental contamination ... blindness. FP was first described in green turtles in the Florida Keys in the 1930s. Since then it has been recorded in many green turtle populations around the world. ... More from this site

the marine turtles
Click here to see green turtles mating at Female turtles then crawl ashore, dig nests and lay their eggs at night under ... aerial surveys off cornwall turtles in the uk overseas territories turtles and tourism turtle conservation fund help turtles in west africa turtle facts the marine turtles flatback turtle green turtle hawksbill turtle kemp' ...

green turtle
Pacific green turtles having a very dark carapace, leading some people to refer to them as black turtles. Genetic studies suggest these colour-variants are indeed green turtles. Click here to see a green turtle swimming at How big? Up to 1.5 m long, green turtles can ... More from this site

Terrific Turtles
Students will learn that turtles are reptiles and what characteristics define a reptile. Students will discover how turtles are adapted to live in a ... the physical adaptations that allow each of these turtles live in different environments, such as aquatic or terrestrial. Students can take turns “wearing” the Green Sea Turtle shell to visualize the ...

Green Sea Turtle - Endangered Species
Natural Wonders Endangered Species Legendary Creatures Green Sea Turtle From It's Nature! Home » Moderately Endangered » Green Sea Turtle Green Sea Turtle Green sea turtles are reptiles. They evolved from ancestors ... the water. Green sea turtles are given their names from the color of their body fat, which is green due to the algae they ingest. While adult green sea turtles eat only herbs ...

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