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Grey seals, Montauk Point, November 2007
Grey seals, Montauk Point, November 2007 %FLASH% Grey seals, Montauk Point, November 2007 Arthur H. Kopelman, Ph. D. for CRESLI 11/9/2007 #33FFFF #FFFFFF #000000 #0000FF #800080 #FF0000 .jpg You must enable Javascript to view this content.

SCS: Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus)
Baltic Sea fisheries. A significant number of grey seals, particularly young seals, die through entanglement in fishing gear and the reported figures are almost certainly understated due to inconsistent reporting between countries. Grey seals ...

Conservation of Seals Act 1970
Close seasons for seals. 2.-(1) There shall be an annual close season for grey seals, that is to say seals of the species known as Halichoerus grypus, extending from 1st September to 31st December both inclusive and an annual close season for common seals, that ... More from this site

CRESLI grey seal page
Search Grey Seals (Halichoerus grypus) These large seals inhabit remote islands and ... Grey seals have color patterns that are similar to, but bolder than those of harbor seals. Grey seals are sexually dimorphic in size. Males grow to 8 feet and weigh about 800 pounds, while females are smaller, growing to 7 feet and weighing about 400 pounds. Female grey seals ...

Letter to Chuck Strahl re seal products
If proper control measures are not taken, people handling seals or consuming seal products potentially risk contracting these serious diseases. The potential for ... years, seal herds that are used commercially in the sub-arctic (harp seals, hooded seals and grey seals in the Atlantic provinces) were tested by government scientists and discovered to ...

Seals and Cod
These are relative to estimated biomass of 32,000t to 37,000t respectively.” A person with no understanding of population dynamics might get the impression on reading this that the grey seals ... pinnipeds” (seals) and apparently do not cause the animals any significant harm. Bonner reports seeing “grey seals in ... More from this site

Seals and How They Live - Script
Grey Seals were hunted extensively in the past, the Grey seal population was pushed to particularly low levels. Both Harbor seals and Grey seals are contained within the Family of so-called "True" seals. True seals ...

EU Resolution on Seals/Fisheries Interaction
United Kingdom protected status. In the final version, it says “there might be some justification” for removing the protected status for this stock of grey seals (in the EU directive on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora). Also the claim that “it seems probable that” grey seals ...

(PDV). The virus is very similar to canine distemper and measles in humans. which are both infectious through aerial droplets. Grey seals appear to be more resistant to the disease, but the toll on the common seal populations has been huge. fur trade European sealers have had a great impact on seals, with ...

seas fit for seals
Grey seals that inhabit the seas around the UK represent an internationally important part of the global population and it is therefore up to us to ensure their long-term future. Seals ... anemones and corals (the cnidarians) crustaceans fish manatees and dugongs molluscs seabirds seahorses seals seas fit for seals sharks and rays starfish (the echinoderms) whales and dolphins related pages basking ... More from this site

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