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Endangered Wildlife Trust
Bat Conservation Group Birds of Prey Working Group Blue Swallow Working Group Carnivore Conservation Group Conservation Leadership Group Ground Hornbill Working Group KZN Biodiversity Programme Law and Policy Working Group Marine & Coastal Working Group Oribi Working Group Wildlife Conflict Prevention Group Riverine Rabbit Working Group South African Crane Working Group African Cranes ...

Endangered Wildlife Trust
Ground Hornbill Working Group The Ground Hornbill Working Group was established to coordinate the wide spectrum of Ground Hornbill conservation activities ... Group. Click here for more ... Oribi Working Group (OWG) The Oribi Working Group works towards ensuring the long-term survival of Oribi and their threatened grassland habitat. Working with landowners and conservation authorities the group ... More from this site

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Hunting, deforestation wipe out 6 of 7 hornbill species in Borneo park(6/14/2008) ... Amazon conservation Team (ACT), an innovative NGO working with native peoples to conserve biodiversity, health, ... Nicole Rosmarino, wildlife program director for the environmental group, says These 681 species represent species in ... two growth strategies once seeds reach the ground. One strategy is to produce large ...

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