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Groundwater Guardian Council
Groundwater Guardian Council Home Email Us Search About Us Get Informed Take Action Programs/Events Kids Corner Shop Groundwater Guardian Council The Groundwater Guardian Council is the primary advisory group to The Groundwater Foundation concerning the Groundwater Guardian program. In addition, the Council ...

Groundwater Guardian Council
Groundwater Guardian Council Home Email Us Search About Us Get Informed Take Action Programs/Events Kids Corner Shop Groundwater Guardian Green Site Program Committee 2007 GG Green Site Program Committee Michelle Bucklin Cargill Incorporated Sweeteners ... Get Informed Take Action Programs/Events Kids Corner Shop Site Map Search Contact Us © The Groundwater Foundation. More from this site

Let's Go! - Case Studies |Green Communities | US EPA
Groundwater Guardian Program helps communities promote knowledge about groundwater issues and institute local groundwater protection plans. Interested communities apply to the Groundwater Foundation to become Groundwater Guardian Communities. Local and broad-based Groundwater Guardian ... Unity Council Contact: Arabella Martinez, Chief Executive Officer Spanish Speaking Unity Council 1900 Fruitvale ...

Water Conservation in the Great Lakes Region
Lake Ontario Conservation Authority Conservation Halton Chicago Milwaukee Madison Clean Water Action Council Wisconsin Groundwater Guardian Program Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Cleveland Ontario Ministry of ... who, on a daily basis, implement surface and groundwater quality management programs. Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) GWPC is a nonprofit organization whose members ...

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BiH organised an event in the building of the Parliament/Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on April ... issue contains the following articles: "Safeguarding the world's water", "Groundwater law enters into force", "New Russia-EU environmental partnership", " ... Central and Eastern Europe (REC) - in partnership with The Guardian Foundation proudly announce an award of EUR 2,750 ...

Yggdrasil Institute - Uranium Enrichment Newsletter - April 2000
(Joe Walker, The Paducah Sun, 3/3/00) Beryllium Reviewing groundwater sampling data, the Paducah Sun learned that beryllium was found ... . (Uranium Institute News Briefing, 3/22-28/2000, based on Guardian 3/22/00) VIII. RUSSIAN URANIUM The Russian nuclear fuel ... . (BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, 3/17/00) The “Federation Council upper house” of the Russian parliament has asked the Russian government ...

Nature Net - Educational Resources - Subject-based
Biodiversity [back to menu] Biodiversity - The Environmental Literacy Council Biodiversity Project, The - organization working to inform people about the ... programs around the state, including groundwater, wetland, lake, stream/river, and general programs Wisconsin Groundwater Guardian Program - volunteer program for protecting groundwater resources Give Water a Hand ... - Nature: habitat destruction and global warming
Organisations like Forest Stewardship Council sell wood with a trademark (FSC, and others). ... intrusion. Wetlands also purify water supplies and recharge groundwater reserves. One viable solution to protect our wetlands ... & Environment The Nature Conservancy Nature BBC Sience and Nature Guardian Unlimited - Environment Unique National Parks Refdesk - Nature Friends ...

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