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Maryland Native Plant Society: Crabtree Old-Growth Forest, Garrett County, Maryland
The old-growth forest provides abundant food and shelter to a variety of animals that cannot find such habitat in frequently logged areas. This forest is part of the Potomac/Garrett State Forest, ...

Goongerah and Yalmy Old Growth Forest blockades
"The public is not going to be satisfied until old-growth forest is properly protected and when this old-growth forest is also in the water catchments it's also more important." Logging ... treesit Media Release 9 January 2006 Two Forest Blockades in East Gippsland Forest blockades have been re-established in East Gippsland today in areas of old growth forest and water catchments. A partially ...

East Gippsland Blockades and Actions in Old growth forest
Forest Actions 2006 Click here for forest actions in the Bonang River area (centre rd and survey rd) in 2006 Click here for forest ... Forest and allows log trucks to access at least five logging coupes in old growth forest. This is the fourth forest ... More from this site

Old-growth forest destruction in Finland by governmental Metsahallitus
Finland by governmental Metsahallitus Old-growth forest destruction in Finland by governmental Metsahallitus (Forest and Park Service) 2001: logging plans in Metsäkylä - area in municipality of Taivalkoski Old-growth ...

Finnish Nature League: Old-growth forest logging in Laamasenvaara, Kuhmo
Laamasenvaara, Kuhmo Forest and Park Service logging old-growth forest in Laamasenvaara, Kuhmo municipality February 10, 2000 The state enterprise Forest and Park Service clearcuts Laamasenvaara old-growth forest. The forest ... More from this site

A Plea For The Ancient Forest! (flying squirrel)
Douglas Fir trees and one old Hemlock. This 96 total acres of publicly owned, rare, low-elevation, old growth forest is slated to be clearcut ... other rare, old growth forest dependent species. Even though the Forest Service is breaking the law by logging US Fish and Wildlife Service designated "critical habitat;" even though the Forest Service is breaking ...

Great Peninsula Conservancy: Where We Work -Banner Forest
Conservancy a conservation easement on 139 acres of the forest. It protects a series of small wetlands and the forest surrounding them. Although Banner Forest itself is used for hiking, non-motorized ... dense second-growth forest as miles of small trails meander throughout the 635 acres, offering an occasional glimpse of a black tailed deer or Douglas squirrel. Other animals that use the forest ...

Forest Composition and Structure on the Colorado Plateau
Forest resources of Arizona. Forest Service Resource Bulletin INT-69. USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station, Ogden, Utah. Cooper, C. F. 1960. Changes in vegetation, structure, and growth ... . 1995. Changes in ponderosa pine-gambel oak forest structure following fire regime disruption in northern Arizona: Camp Navajo old-growth forest study.Final report for the Arizona Army ...

Forest Management Policies on the Colorado Plateau
Today logging ... Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, Fort Collins, CO, 44 pp. Kaufmann, M. R., Moir, W. H. and Covington, W. W. 1992. The status of knowledge of old-growth forest ... More from this site

Saving the old growth in the Mattole Valley
Long Distance Saving the Old-Growth in the Mattole Valley from Mattole Forest Defenders/Northcoast Earth First! A ... growth, on the company’s 200,000 acres. Prior timber harvest plans on PL’s lands in the Rainbow Ridge area, like the current ones, call for clearcutting in old growth forest ... County Sheriffs to clearcut the old-growth. Since then, the Mattole Forest Defenders have moved almost 2 miles ...

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