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Oldgrowth logging must stop
Government figures show that in Victoria, only ... is low-value woodchips. The logging industry’s mantra of clearfell logging and destroying native forest is wearing ... logging in Australia, not one 300 year-old tree has been replaced, and they are still being cut down in Tasmania and Victoria. It is time for all old-growth logging ...

Finnish Nature League: old-growth logging in eastern Finland on summer 1998
Finland on summer 1998 Old-growth logging summer 1998: Hiidenportti area, Eastern Finland On July 1998, Finnish state enterprise Forest and Park Service logged old-growth forests near Hiidenportti National Park in municipality of Nurmes, eastern Finland. Finnish Nature League activists found Scots Pine-trees over 250 years from the logging site ( ...

Kuhmo Finland: Finnish Nature League; ongoing old-growth logging in Eastern Finland. ENSO and UPM buying the wood.
Eastern Finland. ENSO and UPM buying the wood. Ongoing logging in old-growth forests November 1997 Ulvinsalo area,Kuhmo, Eastern Finland SCANDINAVIAN STYLE State enterprise Forest and Park Service is continuously logging ... More from this site

Save The Redwoods/Boycott The Gap: Julia Butterfly at Old Growth Protest
Gray Davis keep his campaign promise to ban old-growth logging. Since he took office a year ago, he has instead accepted ... beloved forests and family life." To order a ban on old-growth logging, the nine-member Board of Forestry would have to conclude ... an emergency ban but favors tighter environmental review for any logging that involved old-growth stands, a spokesman said. She also has ordered ...

Below is a letter of Sandy Dean, spokesperson for the Fisher family logging investment (Mendocino Redwood Company)
(Mendocino Redwood Company). Mr. Dean is sending this letter to people who are concerned about the old growth clearcutting in Greenwood Creek (Barn Gulch — THP 1-95-315 MEN Amendment no. 10) and also about the logging of old growth residual trees and second growth ... will take place in April. The Greenwood Creek old growth logging plan (Barn Gulch — THP 1-95-315 MEN Amendment ... More from this site

Forest Blockades Summer 2007 08 - climate protests to end clearfell logging
Thirty protesters are continuing to stop old growth logging, in the face of reports that the Victorian government ... blockades last week, where logging was halted in three logging coupes by protesters chaining themselves to machinery. Five people were charged on summons. “Old growth logging is still continuing in ...

Goongerah and Yalmy Old Growth Forest blockades
James Anthony. “Despite the rhetoric from the government, old growth logging is still continuing every day in East Gippsland with no end in sight. Please, Mr Bracks, it is up to you to comprehensively protect East Gippsland’s forests from logging, ... More from this site

Stop logging in the Styx
Tasmania. "A timber industry submission into the Helsham inquiry into Tasmania's Lemonthyme and Southern forests in 1987 argued that forests constituted a cultural heritage because roading, mining and logging had taken place for a considerable time. And that a natural forest was artificial." Clear-felled forests are some cultural heritage. Currently, old-growth logging in ... - Countries & Regions
Expanding economies coupled with growing populations have put significant new stresses on ... natural forest have been reduced to just 700,000 hectares, with illegal logging causing much of the destruction. Illegal logging in Asia appears to be a regional problem, which is unlikely be ...

John Muir Project - Logging For Dollars
California. In August ... of burned trees for wildlife habitat. Several other large post-fire logging plans are in the early stages for old-growth in the Plumas and Tahoe national forests. Ironically, these projects could ...

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