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guerrilla gardening - Primal Seeds
Primal Seeds Action guerrilla gardening THIS ZONE a16 biodevastation ge testsite list gm crop squat guerrilla garden plants stories soil structures seeds of resist... mayday2000 watlington THE SITE home ... in the heart of the consumer landscape of burger bars, chain stores and supermarkets. Guerrilla gardeners are out there now. Why not join them in digging for revolution. Find ...

NYC Guerrilla Gardening
NYC Guerrilla Gardening News 10/05/00 From: GM action Subject: European patent office rejects Neem tree patent ... More from this site

Ecoversity TV: Guerrilla Gardening
Ecoversity TV: Guerrilla Gardening Home Presentations Practical Visionaries Case Focus Ecoversity TV Links and Resources About Ecoversity Contact Us Sign up for our Newsletter EcoVersity 2639 Agua Fria Santa Fe, NM 87505 Office: 505.424.9797 (Winter hrs:Tues-Fri 9-2) View map E-mail: Ecoversity TV: Guerrilla Gardening E C O V E R S I T Y

Ecoversity TV
Habitat Design by Nature Report From the Forest BioRemediation Beekeeping & CCD Fungi Forever! Food Supply Guerrilla Gardening Making the Transition Human/Earth Future Stephen Levine Reading Green Marketing Miscellany Daily Concert Creature ... More from this site

Food & agriculture - July 25 | Energy Bulletin
You can't just start planting. I am in favor of guerrilla gardening. Plant shit where you can. But if you want access to water, etc., then you ...

Why Buying Organic & Ethical Consumerism is Not Enough to Solve the Global Food Crisis
You can't just start planting. I am in favor of guerrilla gardening. Plant shit where you can. But if you want access to water, etc., then you ...

Plants Guide | Planeta
Plants ONLINE FLICKR WIKI Food - Planeta Wikispace ONLINE WIKI COMMUNITY GARDENS Community Gardening - Wikipedia Rojas de Cuauhtemoc Garden - YouTube ACTIVIST Guerrilla Gardening BOTANICAL GARDENS Mexico's Botanical Gardens - Blanca Robleda Missouri Botanical Garden ...

Peace on Bougainville? (Do or Die)
The subsistence life of gardening and fishing was destroyed. 220 hectares of rainforest was poisoned, burned and bulldozed. After ... back the machine's tentacles, fighting in a largely undestroyed mountainous jungle ecology hospitable to guerrilla activity. A surprising number of peoples on the global periphery, like the BRA in ...

Bougainville (Do or Die)
By using guerrilla tactics they succeeded in bringing the mine to a standstill. The two powers, competing ... BRA controlled areas. The only activity on this once-prosperous island is hunting and gardening, industry lies dormant, towns deserted, the island has plunged back into the middle ages. ... More from this site

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