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Compact Fluorescent Torchieres
Compact Fluorescent Torchieres A new breed of torchieres is now available. Instead of the halogen ...

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Turn off unnecessary lights, especially those halogen torchieres. Halogen bulbs and even incandescent bulbs actually give off a great deal of heat. Your standard ...

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Halogen torchieres have been very popular because they are inexpensive and are bright enough to light an entire room. Unfortunately they aren't very energy smart. If you have halogen torchieres, replace them with compact fluorescent torchieres. They produce more light for 70 percent less energy. Even if the halogen torchiere is cheap to take home, ... More from this site

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Lighting Answers: Alternatives to Halogen Torchieres - A guide that examines the strengths and weaknesses of halogen torchieres and provides information about the energy efficiency, light distribution, and price of halogen and alternative torchieres. Builder's Guide ...

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Outdoor Lighting Pattern Book NLPIP CDROM NLPIP CD-ROM Lighting Answers Adaptable Ballasts Alternatives to Halogen Torchieres Controlling Lighting with Building Automation Systems Dimming Systems for High-Intensity Discharge Lamps Electromagnetic Interference ... More from this site

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Rid of that Halogen Torchiere Many people purchased halogen torchieres because they are inexpensive to buy. But because they use lots of electricity, they are expensive to operate. A single halogen torchiere used eight hours a day can cost $70 in electricity each year. And halogen torchieres are a fire hazard. According to the ...