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Species Accounts: cjohn.htm
The population is large and widely distributed, harvest rates are low and habitats are largely intact. A detailed assessment of conservation status is given ...

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of Migratory Bird Management, Issues, Atlantic Population of Canada Geese, Status and Management
Subsistence harvest of AP geese in the spring by Cree ... measure of population status and trend. In addition, effective harvest controls will be put in place to ensure that harvest rates are not exceeded that could jeopardize population recovery. Funding to ...

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Division of Migratory Bird Management, Game Bird Management, Geese
Several years of poor habitat conditions and low recruitment combined with high harvest rates are thought to be the cause for the decline. Since migrant geese do not breed ... geese are causing overgrazing problems in their nesting colonies. Service efforts to increase white-goose harvest by liberalizing seasons have not been very successful because of the restricted distributions and the ... More from this site

Save The Redwoods/Boycott The Gap: Fisher Family Falls Into A Credibilty Gap In California Forests
For many months after purchasing the land, Mendocino Redwood continued logging under harvest plans previously filed with state regulators by LouisianaPacific, including clear-cuts. Initially, Mendocino ... the Fishers' acreage, account for 25% of their logging yield. Mr. Dean says those harvest rates are sustainable -- that is, more timber is grown there each year than is cut -- ... - A Whale of a Tale
IWC set the sustainable harvest level in this region at 2,000 minkes annually. ... the owners to conduct scientific research, especially regarding reproductive rates and recruitment of young into the population and to constantly adjust harvest rates to a conservative sustainable level. Scientists would ...

Maine's Catch
Scientists have been baffled at the steady rise in catches of American, or "Maine ... themselves to be highly resilient." Most scientists and fishermen, though, maintain that the drastically increased harvest rates of late can't be maintained. If natural variations in the ocean have driven the ...

Essay on a Sustainable Economy
Input rules: (a) For renewable inputs, harvest rates should not exceed regeneration rates (nondepletion of the source services of natural capital). (b) For non-renewable ... hundreds of millions of years to create, but which, if consumption continues at present rates, face imminent exhaustion. Even more serious, because the pollution and waste products generated ...

Position Statement: No-Growth, Steady-State Economy
Input rules: (a) For renewable inputs, harvest rates should not exceed regeneration rates (nondepletion of the source services of natural capital). (b) For non-renewable inputs ... More from this site

Cutthroat Trout-Fishing The Arkansas Ozarks-Norfork Lake-North Fork River-White
Cutthroats are highly cacheable on almost any trout bait or lure. For this reason, harvest rates are high on the species. There has been no evidence that Cutthroats have reproduced naturally.

USFWS Regulations Committee Approves Scaup Harvest Strategy - Bag Limit Could be Reduced to One Bird for Upcoming Season
If that were the ... survival and harvest rates, but most importantly we need to develop alternative population models, reevaluate all existing scaup data, and reach a consensus on a harvest strategy before we place such severe harvest ...

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