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Advisories and Updates for Health Care Providers
Health Care Providers GI Illness at Harold Scott Elementary School, Warwick January 23, 2007 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Infection Control and Mycoplasma Pneumonia January 9, 2007, 4 p.m. Health Care Provider Update: Investigation of Mycoplasma pneumoniae 8:30PM January 4, 2007 Healthcare Provider Update: Expanded Investigation of Mycoplasma pneumoniae ...

EPA > Ground Water & Drinking Water > Drinking Water and Health > What if I have special health needs?
Ground Water & Drinking Water > What if I have special health needs? Drinking Water and Health Basics Frequently Asked Questions Local Drinking Water ... know fall into one of these categories, talk to your health care provider to find out if you need to take special precautions ... you have children less than six months old, consult your health care provider. You may want to find an alternate source of ...

Online Directories, Minnesota Department of Health Library
County Public Health Departments Minnesota Department of Health Section Phone Numbers Minnesota Department of Health Staff Directory Minnesota Health Care Provider Database Minnesota ... LIBRARY | NORTH STAR MAIN CATEGORIES: Health Data & Statistics | Diseases & Conditions | Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery | Facilities & Professions | Health Care & Coverage | People & Environment | ...

Environmental Health in Minnesota
Your health care provider can perform this test. Go to > top What happens once blood is ... | ABOUT US | LIBRARY | NORTH STAR MAIN CATEGORIES: Health Data & Statistics | Diseases & Conditions | Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery | Facilities & Professions | Health Care & Coverage | People & Environment | Policy, Economics & Legislation ... More from this site

Adrenal Gland Disorders
Scientific meetings, conferences & events Working at NICHD Search: Health Information A to Z health & human development topics Clinical research & clinical trials Health education Publications & materials Last Update: 02/20/2007 ... depends on the cause. If the excess cortisol is caused by medication, your health care provider can change dosages or try a different medication to correct the problem. If ...

Missing a period may mean that you are pregnant or that something is going wrong (see What are the causes of amenorrhea?). It’s important to tell your health care provider if ... times medications and oral contraceptives can help the problem. For more information, talk to your health care provider. Where can I get more information about amenorrhea? Do I Have Premature Ovarian Failure? ... More from this site

Children's Health & Safety - Washington State Department of Health
Health & Safety Topics (DOH) Child & Adolescent Health CHILD Profile Health & Safety Materials Lead Poisoning Fish Facts for Healthy Nutrition Food Safety Health Care Provider Credential Search Immunizations Injury Prevention Mercury Health Risks Newborn Screening Oral Health School Environmental Health ...

Back to school prep starts with protecting your child from disease - 8/5/2008 - Washington State Department of Health
For help finding a health care provider or an immunization clinic, call your local health agency ( or the WithinReach ( Family Health Hotline at ... More from this site

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine for Health Care Workers in Rhode Island
... health care facility or health care provider, treatment centers, diagnostic centers, outpatient clinics, infirmaries and health centers, school-based health centers and neighborhood health centers; providing, however, that the term "health care facility" shall not apply to organized ambulatory care ...

Possible exposure to measles on April 29, 2008
This is especially important for people at the greatest risk for severe illness: ... their health care provider in advance to avoid patient waiting rooms. For more information, a measles fact sheet is available at: For immunizations, contact your provider ...

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