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HHMI: Scientists & Research
HHMI is a recognized leader in biomedical research. Discoveries made in HHMI laboratories are fundamentally changing the way we view the world. Ideas born in Hughes laboratories ...

About HHMI: Scientific Research : Research Policies
HHMI laboratories ("HHMI research tools"). This policy applies to HHMI laboratories at host institutions ("host-based laboratories) and to laboratories at HHMI's Janelia ... HHMI laboratories at host institutions. Under HHMI's collaborative arrangements with its host institutions, the host institution is responsible for efforts to commercialize intellectual property developed in HHMI laboratories ... More from this site

Marine Biological Laboratory
(M. Sogin) $1.4 Million from NSF to the Ecosystems Center to support their Flagship Laboratories in the PanArctic Network (G. Shaver) $1.4 Million from the NIH to support Rob ... that is written by experts and is already available through the web or in databases. HHMI Outreach Program Sarah Bordenstein, whose husband Seth is the recipient of this grant, reported on ...

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