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TMI Annual Report 2002 - Mission and History
Kathmandu, Nepal, and in Huaraz, Peru a few years later. Its mission expanded to include preservation of mountain cultures and natural ...

The Mountain Institute - Where we work
Andes Program, Huaraz, Peru Click on the spot to view details Andes Program, Lima, Peru Click ... 0115 Top Andes Program Offices Huaraz Office Mailing Address: Instituto de Montana Apartado Postal 01 Huaraz, Peru Tel ... Peru Tel: (51-1) 421-7579 or 440-0006 Fax: (51-1) 421-8942 Huaraz Office Street Address: Instituto de Montaña Pasaje Ricardo Palma Nro. 100 Pedregal Alto Huaraz, Peru ...

The Mountain Institute - In the Andes
Program The Andes Program of the Mountain Institute (TMI) was established in 1995 in Huaraz, Peru, near Huascarán National Park and Biosphere Reserve. The Mountain Institute Cooperates with mountain communities ... training and educational tools to improve the capacities of mountain NGOs and grassroot organizations. Huaraz is located 400 kilometers northeast of Lima, in the Ancash Region. The Andes ... More from this site

Mountain Adventures
Lima, Peru. From the airport, you take a bus that travels over paved highway 400 kilometers to the town of Huaraz. How many ... If 1 kilometer = 0.6214 miles, then 400 kilometers = _________ miles. Huaraz, the closest town to the mountain, is where you will ... Peru is Spanish. In English, the park is called Huascarán National Park. Established in 1975, the park is easy to reach from Huaraz. ...

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